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    GiClan is Back - 2020

    We're glad to announce that GiClan is back to the CS:GO Scene. Id' like to talk a little about the future of giclan and why its back?
    Well from the high demand of wanting the community back since @Chevalier left a year ago has risen ever since. I've decide to bring it back and have @Shawn as Partnered Ownership of the community. CoClan as a whole has merged with GiClan entirety. We are moving to make this community a more unified and team work oriented community as this was lacking previous version of GiClan. Now with this being said, i'd like to thank everyone who's given me suggestions, has showed support and loyalty to the work thats being displayed and lets now talk about current and future updates.
    FORUMS / Discord
    As you have seen,  i've reworked the whole forums. The design is similar to the old theme but tweaked entirety. Majority of the front end and features have been remade. Profile customization, a-lot of customization is now available with your profile such as songs, profile backgrounds and header backgrounds. Steam login fully works and email server. Discord has fully been remade thanks to @knar SERVERS
    CSGO Minigames !nominate has been remade and the way votes work has been balanced out !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible !marry is now fixed , compared to previously, and data is now wiped. Ladder speed increased CSGO Arms are now completely fixed Server performance optimized Useless maps removed - http://giclan.net/forums/topic/1717-minigames-maps/?tab=comments#comment-8227  Fixed disabling map sounds with !sound command. It will save in a database now. Maps added                   
    CSGO Bhop Bhop times have been wiped. Timer integrated rtv is being tweaked and fix !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed !strafetrainer added to help with beginner bhoppers  
    CSGO AWP RPG !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed RPG has been optimized database wise New player models and weapon models  
    CSGO 1v1 !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed Server optimized for 128Tick 40 players+ now.  
    Forums N/A as of now Servers Bhop timer replay bots remake Highly detailed discord integration to the server, chat, sourcebans, reports, map notifications, etc. !calladmin system with discord integration New !rules menu new vip/gold/chrome perks Raffles/Jackpot plugin Maps for 1v1 Server & Bhop Server New server??? - vote here   
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    September & October Updates

    Well shit, forgot September but its all gucci
    Added giclan offical twitter https://twitter.com/giclancommunity [Admin Tools] sm_addban , alternative to ban disconnect plugin which you can ban clients steam id that arent even in the server. Released GiClans Exclusive Bhop Timer 900+ new maps to the bhop server !speedometer on surf rpg and combat blocked killvector and kill on deathrun New sourcebans version Spooky ghost spawns when you die fixed spectator bug with afk manager.  
    New maps. PUBG mod Gems feature.


    Its been a while since we got a update page, amirite?
    Added cameras and drones to TTT [Admin Tools] Introducing our custom !rdmslay to TTT. Instead of banning you can now put how many slays on a person and it will slay them for x rounds. Extra features include !rdmslayr (to remove the slay) or !rdmslays (to see the status of players) [Admin Tools] Finished weapon spawner for TTT which now has Shotguns, admins can type !addweapons. Improved Forums Theme design and functionality Added forums clubs. Fixed Backgrounds that werent being applied to members on the forums. Released our new !knife menu that loads your knife faster, more reliable and nicer display! Released KZ server (IP: kz.giclan.net) Added !noslide to KZ Fixed auto disconnect issue on all servers which has been happening for months now.  Fixed replay bots on KZ and Bhop server. We're now apart of KZ global stats (kzstats.com) Released access to our Private Bhop Timer. http://giclan.net/forums/topic/748-private-bhop-timer-access/  Added !ghost to Surf Combat and RPG Added !ws/!gloves/!knife back to Zombie Escape & Surf Timer. Added Knockback grenades on Surf RPG & Combat surf. (Press e on a incoming nade)

    GiClan KZ Climb Server

    GiClan KZ Climb Server

    So after thinking about this for a while, we've decided to start development on the KZ climb server due to the high demand request for it for the past months. If you are a KZ player and have interest in taking part of joining our server , you can go make an admin application and state your experience as a KZ player and why you should be qualified. We're also planning to of course make this the best KZ server but we need the communities help.
    How can you help?
    Well you can provide server suggestions, bug reports, map suggestions or any map bug report here     http://giclan.net/forums/forum/55-csgo-kz-climb/
    We'll be taking a look frequently in that forum section to find any constructive feedback you guys provide, keep a look out of the server release this following week!

    April Updates

    These are the updates for the month of April 2017, the list is subject to change as the month goes on.
    Coinflip updates including security patches and new display text. Whole new rewrite of spawn protection Whole new rewrite of a bunch of admin/donator commands including the following:
        !armor (donator vip and higher)
        !team | !changeteam | !spec
        !speed (donator gold and higher)
        !push (donator vip and higher)
        !pf (donator)
        !happy (donator gold and higher) WS / GLOVES / KNIFE now enabled on giclan surf timer. Fixed anti camp feature not showing the glow around the client and making it a weird purple outline. !active was removed to being buggy on mysql queries and pulling the server down. Added !coin | !mm (which allows you to add match making rank tags next to your name.) More maps added to Deathrun Custom Warden menu completed for jailbreak Custom bhop timer [BETA] on CS:S Bhop Released Multi 1v1 v3 [Chicago]  

    Welcome to the New GiClan!

    Welcome to the new revision of GiClan community forums
    We came a long way and have been in the steam server(s) community scene for a while. As many of you have known to love our custom made theme on our previous forums was slowly but surely getting outdated and needed something new, refreshing, more responsive and most importantly pc performance savvy. As time goes by, you'll all come to know and love what we have in store for the future. Thanks to all who've been with us since the beginning and was able to fully experience the revisions made on giclan from the birth til now. Special thanks to @GiClan | Quinten for helping in the development of this new forums all together.
    Hope you guys like it, see you soon!
    Preview of our old theme + first post

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    There are currently 1/153 players on 5 of our servers!

    1. Bhop - 1/44
    3. Minigames / Course - 0/33
    5. AWP RPG - 0/27
    7. FFA DEATHMATCH - 0/18
    9. 1v1 Arenas - 0/31
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  • Gamer Instinct Gaming Community

    Welcome to the Gamer Instinct Gaming Community! (GiClan)
    GiClan is helping gamers across the world make a positive impact in steam's most distressed community. We have a growing network of more than a dozen members leading comprehensive revitalization initiatives, and we are only just beginning. The fundamental basis of this community was to keep the community server culture in tact with classic servers to new innovative gamemodes, such a variety of choices that our possibilities are endless. Unlike most communities, the founders of GiClan aren't just hiring client-tel to execute high quality work, they know how to perceive and create these amazing work of art websites and plugins. There's never a dull time and we hope to see you running a healthy active experience on our community!

    CS:GO Servers Minigames / Courses - steam:/connect/mg.giclan.net:27015

    1v1 Arenas - steam:/connect/arenas.giclan.net:27015

    Bhop - steam:/connect/bhop.giclan.net:27015

    VISIT OUR WEBSITE AT www.giclan.net

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