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    Its been a while since we got a update page, amirite?

    • Added cameras and drones to TTT
    • [Admin Tools] Introducing our custom !rdmslay to TTT. Instead of banning you can now put how many slays on a person and it will slay them for x rounds. Extra features include !rdmslayr (to remove the slay) or !rdmslays (to see the status of players)
    • [Admin Tools] Finished weapon spawner for TTT which now has Shotguns, admins can type !addweapons.
    • Improved Forums Theme design and functionality
    • Added forums clubs.
    • Fixed Backgrounds that werent being applied to members on the forums.
    • Released our new !knife menu that loads your knife faster, more reliable and nicer display!
    • Released KZ server (IP: kz.giclan.net)
    • Added !noslide to KZ
    • Fixed auto disconnect issue on all servers which has been happening for months now. 
    • Fixed replay bots on KZ and Bhop server.
    • We're now apart of KZ global stats (kzstats.com)
    • Released access to our Private Bhop Timer. http://giclan.net/forums/topic/748-private-bhop-timer-access/ 
    • Added !ghost to Surf Combat and RPG
    • Added !ws/!gloves/!knife back to Zombie Escape & Surf Timer.
    • Added Knockback grenades on Surf RPG & Combat surf. (Press e on a incoming nade)

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