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              So before we list the changes , lets talk about the future of giclan & coclan. As many know that valve has removed motds causing ads to be entirely abolished from being utilized ingame, this means that we aren't making a source of income to pay for the server, website and any other bills that have arised to keep this community running. Which have people wondering, will giclan and coclan close now? The answer is no, we've started this community before ads were introduced and we will continue to support and grow as a whole. The only difference is that we will be stressing more for members to donate or purchase credits and/or donator perks to help assist in paying for these expenses. 


    To view live & most current updates be sure to visit our discord


    • Added the Deagle server IP: deagle.giclan.net 
    • Added the Minecraft server IP: mc.giclan.net
    • Horizon Case knives are available in !knife
    • Horizon Case skins are available in !ws


    • PUBG Server: 85% complete
    • Daily credit system
    • Battlepass System
    • Bhop Timer module overhaul
    • GMOD Servers
    • More features added to donator perks (vip/gold/chrome)
    • Admin payable monthly (still being decided)  leave a comment below your thoughts/concerns on this!

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