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    GiClan 2018 - Footnote

    GiClan 2018

    Here's a summary of the current & future progress giclan is heading to for 2018

    To view live & most current updates be sure to visit our discord


    • New hints plugin with cleaner ui on all servers
    • Autohop script and hyperscroll rule has drastically changed. Currently players will be banned for min 2 weeks rather than perm
    • Added plenty of custom rounds for the 1v1 server
    • Server names tweaked a bit
    • Surf RPG 100tick now
    • Fixed arms for surf rpg
    • Scout accuracy changed for combat surf and surf rpg
    • Removed any accuracy modifications to Minigames, back to the original
    • Extend map added to rpg, combat and awp rpg
    • Retakes new !guns menu
    • Retakes new pistol rounds
    • Retakes round tweaks
    • New !servers menu with EU support
    • FIx to motd pop ups for !rules, !forums, !donate.
    • Whole new set of custom knifes and awps to AWP RPG (for our oldies who still aren't aware)
    • Minigames (csgo) added new maps
    • Promotions are the following: Meep (officer), Wetfireball (officer) & Neoon (supervisor)
    • Purged all mutes / gags / bans from the database. giclan.net/bans is now cleared. You may revisit the servers once more.
    • New giclan discord domain discord.giclan.net
    • Drastically lowered prices and bumped reward to the giclan donator store (giclan.net/store) as well as rpg credits store

    Here's a before & after for the price changes made. These apply to all servers not just deathrun.

    28c0c1bf63fb11ee6cd2cf0934a05c0b.png       a17accfb493bb0cc74e52f01ef19fca1.png



    In development

    • Deployment of more EU servers
    • Deagle server
    • Refreshment to TTT core
    • Adding 1v1 ranking system
    • PUBG mod (complete just finalizing)
    • More new maps to several servers
    • More Bhop timer features (in development)
    • New WS plugin (in development)
    • Gems feature (put on hold)


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