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  1. Last week
  2. thank you please reply to me when i get unban I'm sick and got nothing to do at the moment and I'm so bored.
  3. Thank you kitty love you <3
  4. Sandshark you’re gay but you’re lucky i know you, ill unban you when i get the chance to.
  5. Well you cant be utterly useless to us, you have the time and dedication to play Gi and it wouldnt hurt to have “another” admin for combat surf as its poppin but i mean i dont know you too well but from the looks of it youre really determined to get this spot for now ill leave a +1
  6. Hey everyone hope your having a good day and have lot's of great plans for this weekend I'm probably going to start doing like quote's and stuff for fun hope you like them and enjoy reading it, hopefully with this it will make someone's day or even just give them something to look at and learn something new that they didn't know before.

  7. Ban appeal

    STEAM NAME Baby Shark STEAM PROFILE LINK AND STEAM ID [ https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sandshark147/] and STEAM_1:1:99638234 FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR. I was bhopping around awp rpg server and got like a 10 bhop streak with 2 people on it while 1 was afk and somehow it got me banned for 2 wks. you would like to see my hop around and you can be the judge of if i was using any bhop assist ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM (Chat Logs, Screen Shots, Videos) i dont have any proofs of my just bhoppin i didnt expect to be banned for just bhopping around with long jump 4 or 5 trying to impress myself . DO YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO THE REASONS OF YOUR BAN (Place an "✘" in one) [ ] Yes | No [x ]
  8. So when can i discard this thread ecks dee re ratbag hasnt popped into the forums for over a month i doubt he still wants the position
  9. Happy Valentine's day everyone, hope it's been a good one for you as well it was a really good one for me and I would like you guys to share the experiences I would love to hear about them and hear what your day was like ^w^ love you guys!

  10. STEAM NAME: Nagisa STEAM ID or ID 64: 76561198273987973 AGE: 16 WHY DID YOU CHOOSE GICLAN OVER ANY OTHER CLAN? : I used to play it back in like 2014 ish or something like that and I find it to be very fun to play with the community members, I feel like it's a bit under staffed though because I never see any admin's on so I would like to help with that and lower the work for others while still having fun with the community. I liked gi back in the day and I still like it now the only difference is the time, server and people which is why I like it the new people in gi clan can get a bit rough with eachother but overall they are sweet people to hang out with. WHICH SERVER(S) DO YOU PLAY ON? (CSS or CSGO): CSGO surf combat WHAT SERVER ARE YOU APPLYING FOR (CSS or CSGO)? : CSGO surf combat DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME? : Yes I have a mic and yes I use it WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR A POSITION? : I'm applying because I spend a lot of time on the server and plan to stick with it because its quite entertaining and there's not really any monitoring for admins from what I have seen there hasn't been any admins on even when it needs monitoring, normally this is when it is a bit more overfilled. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & HOW OFTEN APPLY THEM? : I know the rules down to the 9. which is exit and I always apply them to me because if I break them it worry's me I wouldn't have a server to play on because it's the first server on cs that I enjoyed in a while HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GICLAN? (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS) : I have been playing gi clan from early 2014's I think whenever it first came out back in the old csgo days.. like when I first played csgo I always would go to the gi clan server and play it non stop but after I took a break from csgo I haven't been on again till a few weeks ago. ADDITIONAL INFO WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? : I have previous admin experiences on other servers such as like alias trade I have been admin on like 2 others but I forgot what the names were it's been way to long. DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE "GICLAN |" IN YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES? : This is one I'm a bit iffy about because like I play other games than csgo and it looks weird turning up to call me gi clan but I would love to link it on my profile and have it dedicated to gi clan . If that would be okay. if not and it is required I will accept and put it in my name DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL? : I do oblige DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANY TIME? : I do accept
  11. Hey everyone would love to meet you all please don't be shy I bite softly

  12. cevor ban appeal

    This application has been discarded Sorry but your appeal has been discarded Please do not make another appeal or you will be punished, if we revise our decision it will be updated here. (most likely never) If you would like a unban, ungag or unmute, purchase HERE will remove the restriction instantly and benefits the community in the process
  13. Earlier
  14. Josh: no! “cevor likes this”
  15. cevor ban appeal

    STEAM NAME YT@KURUKATO CS.MONEY STEAM PROFILE LINK AND STEAM ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/kurukatoo/ and STEAM_1:0:440335081 FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR. At the time of the ban I was cheating. I will admit I was cheating and regret it. I was very bored of the game during the time and didn't care if I got banned or not. Now that I look back at it and am trying to play serious again it sucks that I can't play one of the biggest cs:go servers. This was awhile ago and I believe I should be unbanned for it because I have learned my mistake and wont do it again. ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM (Chat Logs, Screen Shots, Videos) I was cheating DO YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO THE REASONS OF YOUR BAN [ ✘ ] Yes | No [ ]
  16. Youre more than welcome to provide any information that proves youre innocent
  17. Do u know if i can appeal for a unban or if i have to wait or if theres anyway i can prove i was scripting?
  18. I dont wanna boost my ego but i wouldnt blame the smac for banning me. But i can guarentee u i dont script it was a really good bhop run
  19. Smac detected your movement to be perfect botlike jumps in order to gain consentant speed and in order for a ban to drop it would of been like 12 consistant perfect bhops in a row as for the “rare” no name i hop onto giclan with no name a lot and it doesnt affect anything
  20. Or it could've been my user name because i found a way to make it nothing some months ago so i do have a rare no name typa thing.
  21. For some reason i was playing the deagle head shot only and i was bhopping and im not gonna lie it looked like i was scripting but it was legit i bhopped so far and consistantly i think i got banned because of that but when i went to the bans it wont tell me what i got banned for i think it was bhop assist auto detect please reply and see if i can appeal even though i didnt cheat.
  22. Always glad to see old players from GI still be alive. Hope we can reunite our old DR community once more one day.
  23. Hittin him with that fat deny
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