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  2. i got banned too for no reason i didnt think abt it much but now this server has become a ea cant get banned unless you pay edit: nvm just read the rest of the threads not ea e gay indeed tho
  3. i was playing with my friend and all we do is play against each other in y’all’s counter strike source server and we both got banned at the same time how do i get unbanned?
  4. miss you @misplays , on deadlocs
  5. still here, kicking - cat.
  6. i was just watching some old youtube videos and it reminded me of the old days. good to see some of the og players are still kicking
  7. nvm @GiClan | Sam all the servers are dead so I don't see deathrun coming back....
  8. my old name was son and im just wondering if any of u people are active still
  9. https://store.steampowered.com/app/201270/Total_War_SHOGUN_2/
  10. This isnt surf to be needing “6 tiers” lol
  11. Here are some maps I would like to see on the server: bhop_decimus: A pretty hard and lengthy map. It's tier 6 but I think the tiers on the server only go up to 5. https://gamebanana.com/maps/206255 bhop_smoked_dev: Another hard map that's pretty long. Tier 5. https://gamebanana.com/maps/206014 bhop_dragon_fix: Nothing too special, just noticed it wasn't on the server. I have included both the .bsp and .nav files since I couldn't find it on gamebanana. Tier 5. bhop_dragon_fix.bsp.bz2 bhop_dragon_fix.nav.bz2 bhop_broken_dock: Easy strafe map. Tier 1. https://gamebanana.com/maps/194067
  12. Deathrun, if u know u know And btw, [if] deathrun did comeback, would we still have the things we bought when it was a server because I spent some money on that server, just curious @Chevalier
  13. Look at the poll
  14. Moving clouds #IsThisRealLife?
  15. Simington


    Another Bug was found, sometimes the counter will go over the required amount
  17. WELCOME BACK ALL GICLAN MEMBERS We're glad to announce that GiClan is back to the CS:GO Scene. Id' like to talk a little about the future of giclan and why its back? Well from the high demand of wanting the community back since @Chevalier left a year ago has risen ever since. I've decide to bring it back and have @Shawn as Partnered Ownership of the community. CoClan as a whole has merged with GiClan entirety. We are moving to make this community a more unified and team work oriented community as this was lacking previous version of GiClan. Now with this being said, i'd like to thank everyone who's given me suggestions, has showed support and loyalty to the work thats being displayed and lets now talk about current and future updates. CURRENT UPDATES FORUMS / Discord As you have seen, i've reworked the whole forums. The design is similar to the old theme but tweaked entirety. Majority of the front end and features have been remade. Profile customization, a-lot of customization is now available with your profile such as songs, profile backgrounds and header backgrounds. Steam login fully works and email server. Discord has fully been remade thanks to @knar SERVERS CSGO Minigames !nominate has been remade and the way votes work has been balanced out !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible !marry is now fixed , compared to previously, and data is now wiped. Ladder speed increased CSGO Arms are now completely fixed Server performance optimized Useless maps removed - http://giclan.net/forums/topic/1717-minigames-maps/?tab=comments#comment-8227 Fixed disabling map sounds with !sound command. It will save in a database now. Maps added CSGO Bhop Bhop times have been wiped. Timer integrated rtv is being tweaked and fix !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed !strafetrainer added to help with beginner bhoppers CSGO AWP RPG !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed RPG has been optimized database wise New player models and weapon models CSGO 1v1 !ws/!knife/!gloves has been updated to every skin/knife possible Arms have been completely fixed !marry is completely fixed Server optimized for 128Tick 40 players+ now. FUTURE UPDATES Forums N/A as of now Servers Bhop timer replay bots remake Highly detailed discord integration to the server, chat, sourcebans, reports, map notifications, etc. !calladmin system with discord integration New !rules menu new vip/gold/chrome perks Raffles/Jackpot plugin Maps for 1v1 Server & Bhop Server New server??? - vote here
  18. Vote for the next server.
  19. AWP RPG won, closed.
  20. Simington


    Sometimes on the server, I wanna say when people join and leave, the rtv doesnt update thinking theres more people on the server than there is. Example
  21. STEAM NAME: nico IS YOUR STEAM ACCOUNT LINKED TO THIS FORUMS ACCOUNT?: Yes. AGE: 18. WHY DID YOU CHOOSE GICLAN OVER ANY OTHER CLAN?: GiClan was the first server I felt welcome in, so I pretty much stayed ever since. I'm really happy it's back. WHAT SERVER ARE YOU APPLYING FOR (CSS or CSGO)?: AWP RPG for CS:GO. (I know it isn't out yet I'm just being preemptive.) DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME?: Yes, I do. WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR THIS POSITION?: I figured it wouldn't hurt to apply since I used to be admin on here, and I know Chev and Shawn could use some help from ex-staff. My reason for leaving last time was really shady and stupid on my end, considering the the server I left for lasted nowhere near as long as GiClan v1 did. Nevertheless, I'm ready to put the past behind me, and come back to where I should've been the whole time rofl. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & HOW OFTEN APPLY THEM?: Guessing that most of the rules haven't changed, I follow and enforce them as much as I used to back then. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GICLAN? (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS): I've been with GiClan since January of 2017. ADDITIONAL INFO WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT?: Unless COVID-19 destroys my hopes of going to college, I should be majoring in Statistics soon. DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE EITHER GICLAN IN YOUR NAME OR AS YOUR INGAME CSGO CLAN TAG AT ALL TIMES?: Yes. DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL?: Yes. DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANY TIME?: Yes.
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