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  1. Yesterday
  2. STEAM NAME psycun STEAM PROFILE LINK AND STEAM ID steamcommunity.com/id/psycun [U:1:336891894] FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR. Ok, so, about a month ago I started playing on GiClan servers, mainly the Deagle Headshot only server, it was a lot of fun! A week ago I introduced my brother to it so i could have fun with him, he started cheating on the server without me knowing at the time, then today, his cheat got detected by the server so I joined the server and then it banned me too, I think due to us having the same IP. I got super pissed at him for doing that. I don't really have evidence to this however, here's his profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/phoons_dad. It's up to you to decide to un-ban me or not. If you don't, I would understand that, and respect your decision but I'd love to play on GiClan servers again. Thanks! DO YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO THE REASONS OF YOUR BAN (Place an "✘" in one) [ ] Yes | No [ ✘ ]
  3. Last week
  4. Hate to see the community go. It did a hell of a job when it was up and I’d do anything to go back to 2015 mg server again. Good luck dirty boy for the future.
  5. Thank you to everyone who made this server fun and a great experience throughout the years. Even though I haven't been active in over a year, I can still remember the good ole' days of GiClan Deathrun and AWP RPG. Thank you, Chev, for caring for the server and making it possible for all of this to happen.
  6. I'll never forget the memories I've had on GiClan. Countless friends and moments. This is why I love gaming so much, for times like these where you can load up a game and hang out with friends you've never seen before in your life but still have the best time ever. I hope all of you do good in your life
  7. I purchased credits and vip on the deagle server. I bought a bear mask and Ugandan knuckles. The next time I got on the vip wasn't showing next to my name in chat and i was missing my mask and pet. My vip seems to be working just not the tag. The mask and pet were kind of expensive and I only got to use them for one map before they vanished. I was also missing the drug war veteran spray but that cost so little credits i just got a new one; I also don't know how to use the spray Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: The vip tag is showing up now but still no Ugandan knuckles or bear mask
  8. I'm Gag

    Hi GIclan I'm Gag! I've been playing on your deagle server for a few days so I thought I'd introduce myself on the forum. I REALLY like playing with my D; Some people say I'm an addict but I'd argue idle hands are the devil's playthings. I have no life outside of my computer so you'll probably see me around. I live in US West and am usually active in the evening. I also enjoy surfing, kz, and the company of others. I'm somewhat reserved but if you strike up a conversation with me I'll probably engage. I am excited to meet you all and make some friends. Gag
  9. I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said but I would just like to thank you all for all the fun times and I'll definitely miss the good ol times of playing on ttt in 2017 and MG.
  10. I'm glad to have been part of this community, regardless of the few negative things that may have happened. Best of luck to you @Chevalier with all of your future endeavors, and thanks for everything. (:
  11. I know I want here for the start or even halfway through, but the couple years I have played the server have been one of the best experiences of my life and I have met so many great supportive people and it is sad to see the server go knowing the memories that go with it. The time spent of the server had the best moments I have ever had on an online community and I do not regret playing for all those hours. I wish you and the rest of the staff the best and hope we meet again or another platform on another server.
  12. Well shit, I know I wasn't here from the start and barely little for start of the middle. I'd only ever come on occasionally when I was younger with the CS:S MG Server, as I was into 2 other communities and sadly they had taken the same fate into slowly disappearing. I remember when I first joined the AWP RPG server It was p litty, numerous amount of friendly wacky people. It was a fun ride for the whole time of me being on there and sometimes popping into the other servers meeting the other friendly faces. And I would like to thank everyone who showed me an enjoyable time here with GiClan. I did make some great friends and glad they made it an even greater time on the server for me even though some of them vanished, but aside from that it was a very fun ride. I also would like personally thank Chevalier for giving me the opportunity to become admin and watch over Surf and AWP RPG along with the CS:GO Bhop server and with allowing me Supervisor. I've seen many community sadly have to disband and It's unfortunate to have to see it happen again. Furthermore I would apologize with me being faded away from the community the past couple months with my CS:GO burnout and wanting to take a break, a little longer than I expected it to continue to. That aside. goodluck to everyone else in their future endeavors and what not.
  13. 2015 - 2017 were some of my favourite years mostly due to gi and the people i met, may i have started to dislike gi, i dont regret any time i spent on it. thanks for the memories and good luck in life. it was fun
  14. It was very fun while it lasted. Thank you for giving us all of the great servers and the amazing staff team you have created to make this one of the most memorable servers in my csgo life time.
  15. been here for a long time and no regrets staying to the end. we had some bad times, but glad to have met anyone on this server. good luck in the selling, hope it all goes well. for anyone else, hope we can see each other in a different server one day :]
  16. This has been a helluva ride, too bad it's coming to an end. Peace.
  17. Created this as a hobby years ago, became something bigger then expected. Learned a lot in management, growth and coding. Unfortunately life goes on to bigger and better things, thanks to everyone who's been apart of this and has made good/bad memories. If interested im mostly selling the clan as a whole (both gi and coclan). If interested i will consider selling separate servers. If interested in plugins i MIGHT sell them separate as well but most likely want to sell the servers as a whole. for more info it wil be updated on my steam profile, thanks.
  18. You can apply for more than one server at a time now?
  19. Earlier
  20. If you read Chev's comment earlier, he means that anyone trying to join the server is also included in the rtv, so they have to finish the download for the assets of the server, and rtv as soon as they join into the game. (or close out the game and give up trying to connect)
  21. Now if you were smart enough, you would actually go to the Appeals section, but since you aren't you just lowered your chance of getting a ban appeal, congrats. Not only that, but you need to provide evidence that it wasn't you playing, but I'm assuming that you don't.
  22. So my friend came to my house, logged into his steam, joined a retake server and somehow got banned for duplicate accounts?? and it effected me because it's my pc??
  23. I got banned

    STEAM NAME LEEROY JANKINS STEAM PROFILE LINK AND STEAM ID [ https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198204347776/ ] and STEAM_1:0:122041024 FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR. I was banned by the console for a duplicate account but I don't have another account can you help me. ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM I was banned before I was in the server by the console DO YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO THE REASONS OF YOUR BAN [ ] Yes | No [ ✘ ]
  24. This bug is still happening. There are 3 people on the server including me, none in spectator. However when I type RTV, it says 6 votes, 8 required. This tells me that this bug doesn't have to do with people downloading the map like previously stated.
  25. admin abuse

    Good luck with that one, kiddo
  26. Knowing Succ for just a tiny bit, I can tell that he has the guts to become an admin. I may bully him here and there, but he very good man. Not sure about his activity on the servers, only knowledge from personal experience. +1 (Is there anyone I could give a +2 for the good succ?)
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