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Referral Guide (please read)

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Welcome to the GiClan referral guide, here you'll be learn how to get started to use our referral system. Before we get started , what is this referral system? The system is simply allowing you the opportunity to refer your friends to join the GiClan community and get paid doing so! Lets get started


Step 1

Visit your referral dashboard located HERE



Step 2

Here's a brief explanation of how the referral system works. You can click "add another" to send several emails to clients.




Step 3

For this system to work, you, the referrer must have 3 post at least to be able to start earning points.

To earn points from someone you referred, they need at least 3 post made. 

  • These post must benefit the community and not be spam. If we see that the referred member spammed, we will remove all your points.
  • If you break forum rules, you will not be able to cash out
  • If you're banned on our servers you will not be able to cash out
  • Your account will be deactivated if you're referring fake emails. We will only accept mainstream emails such as yahoo, gmail etc.
  • The referred person must have their steam attached to the account. 



Step 4

To cashout you need to make a thread in the " Cashout Request(s) " section. You need to use this format when creating a thread, if you do not we will ignore this request and eventually throw it in the trash. Everything in red is required to be filled out, each form is in your own thread and each response should be in white color only.



All of your answers/input must be in the default grey font or the white font or it's considered invalid.

If you have any more questions, make a post in the "referral system guide" category. 


==== Cashout Request ====




STEAM ID or ID 64: 



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