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Server Connection

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Most of today the server has been losing connection or crashing on and off, I would like to say It maybe has something to do with the way pets work now? Probably not, but just an assumption.


I have no real idea on what's causing It, but I at least wanted to make this post about It and attempt to figure out what else could be causing problems.

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Just want to point out this is across all GI servers and has been happening since yesterday. Hasn't lagged to the point where it kicks everyone, but has made players leave due to a drop of points or being "unplayable". 

No one knows a fix as of now, not even Chev, but he's been trying. Best we can do is wait until there's a fix.

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It was a mysql utf8 incompatibility error causing these "crashes", but i just fixed this.

As for the random lags , as you know those tend to happen on all servers and currently have 0 fix for.

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