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    Created this as a hobby years ago, became something bigger then expected. Learned a lot in management, growth and coding. Unfortunately life goes on to bigger and better things, thanks to everyone who's been apart of this and has made good/bad memories. If interested im mostly selling the clan as a whole (both gi and coclan). If interested i will consider selling separate servers. If interested in plugins i MIGHT sell them separate as well but most likely want to sell the servers as a whole. for more info it wil be updated on my steam profile, thanks.
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    Succ is pretty gay 23/24 hours of the day but hes still an active member of the community knows the rules and enforces them when needed he talks with other people generally not that toxic and has a good time to get on and moderate the servers hes been around for a while so im sure he knows the ropes and of course ill help him along the way but overall i think he is a great member of the community and would make a great 1v1’s arena admin +1

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