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    Admin Application Format Love the community? Always wanted to be more then just a member? Do you got what it takes? Then come on down and sign up to become staff on a selected server. Before you apply, please know that your application can be auto denied if you're not using our template format. Now we're going to explain to you what you need to be eligible for acceptance on your application, read the following: All applications are looked at by admins and need at least 7+ constructive positive feedback from members and at least 2+ from server/forums admins to be eligible. You may be perm banned for trolling, misusing, abandoning and/or taking advantage of your powers. Admin is a free service, don't take advantage of it. Must pay a $15 fee upfront before making the admin application ONLY if you were previously a staff member and want to become one again. http://giclan.net/donate Each application must have a +1 or -1 with a legitimate reason, useless nonconstructive comments will be counted as spam. If your application is accepted, you must have GiClan | in your name at all times or you will be kicked out. All applications are given a final decision by the highest authority (Owners, Elites) Must have steam integration enabled with the account you're applying for admin on. You must be active on the forums with at least 10 posts. (not 10 threads) Everything in red is required to be filled out, each form is in your own thread and each response should be in white color only. All of your answers/input must be in the default grey font or the white font or it's considered invalid. ============================== == Admin Application Format == ============================== STEAM NAME: Bob STEAM ID or ID 64: AGE: WHY DID YOU CHOOSE GICLAN OVER ANY OTHER CLAN? : WHICH SERVER(S) DO YOU PLAY ON? (CSS or CSGO): WHAT SERVER ARE YOU APPLYING FOR (CSS or CSGO)? : DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME? : WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR A POSITION? : HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & HOW OFTEN APPLY THEM? : HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GICLAN? (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS) : ADDITIONAL INFO WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? : DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE "GICLAN |" IN YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES? : DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL? : DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANY TIME? : 2ND CHANCE FEE TRANSACTION ID? (only if previously demoted in the past):
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    OVERALL STAFF LIST GLOBAL ADMINISTRATORS Chevalier - OWNER [Steam] Shawn - Global Admin [Steam] Simington - Global Admin [Steam] Dennis - Global Admin [Steam] UNITED STATES SERVERS DEATHRUN Strike CL - Officer [Steam] CS:GO MG Strike CL - Officer [Steam] bax - Officer [Steam] Meep - Admin [Steam] MULTI 1V1 ARENAS 1 Andr00F - Officer [Steam] Kitty - Officer [Steam] saph - Admin [Steam] FFA DEATHMATCH 1 GLOBALS RETAKES 1 Brendy - Admin [Steam] COMBAT SURF Nico - Officer [Steam] bax - Officer [Steam] CS:GO BHOP MeowKat - Supervisor [Steam] Andr00F - Officer [Steam] EASY SURF (TIER 1-3) GLOBALS AWP RPG MeowKat - Supervisor [Steam] Andr00F - Officer [Steam] Peanut - Officer [Steam] Kitty - Officer [Steam] Meep - Admin [Steam] SURF RPG MeowKat - Supervisor [Steam] KZ CLIMB GLOBALS CS:S MINIGAMES GLOBALS CS:S BHOP GLOBALS
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    Sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs ꜰᴏʀ GɪCʟᴀɴ A. Sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs Rᴇɢᴀʀᴅɪɴɢ Rᴜʟᴇs The following rule pages do not have a rule regarding Hacking/Scripting: CS:GO TTT, CS:GO Skill Surf, CS:GO Zombie Escape, CS:GO Minigames, CS:S Minigames, CS:GO Jailbreak, and CS:GO Trade Center. This should be added since hacking and scripting are not allowed on most of these servers. The rewording of current rule regarding DDoS, DOX, or Hacking threats and addition of a provision against false accusations. I have personally witnessed false accusations result in the false termination of players, and the confusion and havoc caused by it is not something that should be allowed. The following wording, or something similar may reduce confusion of what constitutes as an infraction by providing an example, and expand the rule to include false accusations in order to prevent accidental bans. "Any threats, jokes, or false accusations regarding DDoS, DOX, or Hacking are not permitted at all on the premises regardless if it was towards someone, towards yourself, or the server; as this will result in an instant perm ban. Jokes, threats, and false accusations still apply to seemingly silly topics (ex. 'I'll DDoS your toaster!' or 'XXX ddosed my washing machine!')." The complete prohibition of Scripting. Some servers such as CS:GO Deathrun, CS:GO Bhop, and CS:S Bhop do not prohibit scripting on all or some occasions. The reason this should be changes is because many of the people that come to play on one server of GiClan go on to play other ones. Since most servers do not allow scripting it it only logical to prohibit this in order to decrease any small number of this happening. This is a smaller change since scripting is almost impossible to identify due to autobhop being enabled. The addition of a rule against trading skins for any GiClan supported/created resources. This is already been not allowed as I have come to realize but is currently not a rule of its own. Creating such a rule would decrease confusion regarding this topic. Trading GiClan supported/created resources for other resources should not be prohibited. An example of such rule would be; "Trading or exchanging GiClan supported/created resources for external items regardless if it is for a profit or not, is prohibited in most circumstances (ex. Trading credits or RPG credits for CSGO skins or money). The only circumstance where this is not prohibited is in a case where permission was granted by the owner." Including racism in the rule regarding cursing. This would decrease the toxicity on some servers, and possibly reduce harassment. This mostly happens on the 1v1 server, and since this is a server where many people come and go, creating a positive atmosphere in that server could increase players on other servers. One possible phrasing of this rule could be; "Racism and Cursing is allowed unless taken to an offensive/aggressive extent. Offensive/Aggressive constitutes of situations where a client who this speech is being directed towards starts retaliating aggressively or breaking rules." Under CS:GO Minigames rules, picking the same game on a map is not allowed more than 5 times in a row. This should probably be brought down to 3 or 2 because games do not get picked more than 3 times in a row, making this rule pretty useless. It also gets boring to play the same game 3 times in a row. Possibly add more examples to rules that come up, so that less confusion arises and it is easier to see how a rule could be enforced. This is a broader suggestion. B. Gᴇɴᴇʀᴀʟ Cᴏᴍᴍᴜɴɪᴛʏ Sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs A scheduled, reoccurring staff meeting. If not for information, helping out new admins, or planning for future event then for getting to know the new admins. As it was pointed out to me, some staff barely know the newer admins on other servers so it would be nice to have a meeting in order to get to know them. Another good reason for this is helping newer admins deal with situations better by exposing them to older staff members. A credit incentive for reporting players, posting bug reports, suggestions, or other things of the same manner. This would increase the amount on individuals that take part in the community, and would help the servers to "run themselves". Possibly even advertise this on the server itself as a tip that pops up every few minutes. Regarding the Tips or notices that show up in chat; make them a brighter color, or bolder if possible. Some people do indeed look for them and it does help them but newer players, especially younger ones, skip over these. If this is possible to be accomplished, less individuals would need help and the Tips themselves would be more helpful. If making them a brighter or bolder color does not help, maybe clearing the chat before it pops up would help. "Commercializing" more aspects of !shop. What I mean by this is giving access to more tags, colors, pets, and others for donors. Instead of making it free for donors, some should be made unlocked but not free. This would go well with other aspects of the community. For example, if someone successfully reported 10 individuals, some aspects of shop could be unlocked for them to purchase from forever. Yes, it may be difficult to do due to the manual labor required to not only make this possible but "unlock" things for individuals, but having something like this implemented would greatly increase community involvement and would incentivize players to give back to the community more than they would originally. This creates players that stay in GiClan for longer and greatly helps out the community in return. C. Sᴇʀᴠᴇʀ ᴀɴᴅ Pʟᴜɢɪɴ Sᴜɢɢᴇsᴛɪᴏɴs List of richest players on server (credit-wise/rpg-wise). Something like !top on minigames. A spectate method that keeps you on the same person, even after they die. So if you are spectating somebody one round and they die, the next round you are spectating them again and don't have to search through 30 people. When admins go into spectate, it announces that they left the server. Or do another command, like !invisme that sets you to spectator and announces that you left the server. Increase diversity of maps played. One way to do this is to increase cooldown between playing the same map. Also, possible disable nominating maps on weekends to prevent the same maps from being played over and over again (and probably increase amount of rtvs needed). Yet another way is to allow nominations one round and the next round to disable it, and choose less played maps (same thing for rtv). This will allow broken maps to be found more easily, and overall break the loop of constant same maps. A "come back to collect" prize. By this, I mean a plugin that would reward a player for playing every day for an hour or more with credits, slightly increasing the amount each day. This could be customized to give checkpoints with greater rewards like getting on for an entire week for 1 hour a day. As many other suggestions in this thread, this can help increase community involvement and create players that come back to GiClan more often. Possibly a Retake Server Cʀᴇᴅɪᴛs bax de_xter evo eevee Renegade Linnyflow Advertful Cat
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    RULES UPDATE & UNBANS CHANGES Added http://www.giclan.net/csgoduels & http://www.giclan.net/surfcombat Rule Hacking/Scripting is not allowed and will result in a perm ban added to CSGO Minigames, Zombie Escape, TTT and Jailbreak as well as CSS Minigames. The Rule Ddos, Dox or Hacking threats are not allowed at all on the premises, even if said in a joking manner, regardless if it was towards someone, towards yourself or the server as this will result in a perm ban changed to DDoS, Dox or Hacking threats towards our website, servers or staff members will result in a perm ban. Added rule: "Trading or exchanging GiClan supported/created resources for external items regardless if it is for a profit or not, is prohibited. (Trading Store/RPG credits for CSGO skins or money). The only circumstance where this is not prohibited is in a case where permission was granted by the owner." Updated CSGO Minigames rule "Don't pick the same game on a map more then 3 times in a row." UNBANS Due to our change on ddos rules, we're allowing any clients to become unbanned. (unless you script/hacked) Just comment below your STEAM_ id , your steam name and a short apology. Valid til 6/30/2017
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    Applying For Admin DO's and DONT's Recently we've had a lot of people applying for admin and then screwing themselves over with some stupid response to a negative review. 1. If an admin -reps your application take it in stride. Don't insult the admin. It will almost guarantee a discarded application. There is a CHANCE the admin will change their mind after a period. 2. If you get a bunch of friends on the server to +rep you after creating their accounts it is fairly obvious. Chevalier will notice this sort of thing. 3. If you are applying for admin try to have the post requirement BEFORE you post your application. It is not required but it makes you look proactive which is always helpful. (Just don't make them spam posts) 4. This last one I cannot stress enough but people always mess this up FOLLOW THE FORMAT! If you don't, you risk your application being auto denied no matter how well thought out your application was. Commenting on Admin Applications DO's and DONT's We also seem to have an issue with people thinking they decide the application with their comments. Remember that you insulting another person on their app will only make you look bad if you have no foundation. 1. If you see someone without the required post limit DON'T write a long comment on their application telling them to. They need to figure this out themselves and this is also not a requirement upon the creation of the application as stated above. 2. ALWAYS leave a +rep or -rep unless there is a very defined reason for not doing so. Your comments about a players hours could mean anything without a +/- rep 3. If you disagree with something in the application don't start an argument in the application. It is meant to be a place where a player can be +/- rep'd to decide on their ability to be an admin. If you really feel strongly about something message them and ask. 4. If you notice that someone does not have the proper formatting on their application do not post anything about it. The primary requirement for being an admin is to have some level of intelligence and filling out a form based on a format shows that you are capable of that level at the very least. 5. If you are not an admin your +/- rep carries the same value as any other member disregarding extreme cases. This means that even if you've been a member of the community for a longer period of time or you think of yourself as a better player on the server your rep does not decide the application any more than a less talented player. If you noticed I missed something please leave a comment. Hopefully, this cuts back on the amount of failed applications we get.
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    GiClan 2018 Here's a summary of the current & future progress giclan is heading to for 2018 To view live & most current updates be sure to visit our discord Added New hints plugin with cleaner ui on all servers Autohop script and hyperscroll rule has drastically changed. Currently players will be banned for min 2 weeks rather than perm Added plenty of custom rounds for the 1v1 server Server names tweaked a bit Surf RPG 100tick now Fixed arms for surf rpg Scout accuracy changed for combat surf and surf rpg Removed any accuracy modifications to Minigames, back to the original Extend map added to rpg, combat and awp rpg Retakes new !guns menu Retakes new pistol rounds Retakes round tweaks New !servers menu with EU support FIx to motd pop ups for !rules, !forums, !donate. Whole new set of custom knifes and awps to AWP RPG (for our oldies who still aren't aware) Minigames (csgo) added new maps Promotions are the following: Meep (officer), Wetfireball (officer) & Neoon (supervisor) Purged all mutes / gags / bans from the database. giclan.net/bans is now cleared. You may revisit the servers once more. New giclan discord domain discord.giclan.net Drastically lowered prices and bumped reward to the giclan donator store (giclan.net/store) as well as rpg credits store Here's a before & after for the price changes made. These apply to all servers not just deathrun. In development Deployment of more EU servers Deagle server Refreshment to TTT core Adding 1v1 ranking system PUBG mod (complete just finalizing) More new maps to several servers More Bhop timer features (in development) New WS plugin (in development) Gems feature (put on hold)
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    yoo rip bax I know we haven't talked in a while but it was really fun playin with you and stuff but we all will remeber you with the poem I wrote for you :^) I Miss The Old Bax I miss the old Bax, straight from Minecraft Bax Chop up blocks Bax, writing his own cords Bax I hate the new Bax, the bad mood Bax The always rude Bax, spaz in the fourms Bax pushing players away from the community Bax I miss the pro Minecraft Bax, chop up the blocks Bax I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Bax See, Notch invented Bax, it wasn't any Bax And now I look and look around and there's so many Baxs I used to love Bax, I used to love Bax I even played Minecraft, I thought I was Bax What if Bax made a song about Minecraft Called "I Miss The Old Minecraft Bax"? Man, that'd be so Bax That's all it was Bax, we still love Bax And I love you like Bax Loves Minecraft
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    I don’t know why you called me out when I have made a post explaining before hand. Also I didn’t include shit that’s happening in my personal life including my mental health because I thought that people would understand without making it too personal. I have been on the forums frequently because I can use it on my phone and I’m not being inactive because I want to, I just can’t help it. Next time look into it before calling someone out because I made it obvious that I addressed the situation before it got to the point of me not have my setup.
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    Considering that you can AFK, play competitive, and edit demos cough, the only hours you should take into consideration are those on GiClan servers. All of 23.4 of my hours have been on GiClan... In @Mr_CrustyBuns defense, read this.
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    Hi tierno, I'm pretty useless until you come to mg and meet me, but welcome to the forums
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    Forum Toxicity This topic has been talked about extensively in the GiClan community but it is obviously still a major issue. If someone does something wrong try to help them instead of immediately insulting and attacking them. This has become a major issue with admins thinking they are better than everyone else because they have an admin position on a game server. (You're Not) Obviously, this is not an issue with all admins but certain ones that I won't name have a track record of doing this to every new member who makes a mistake. Everyone who joins the forums deserves a chance to prove themselves as competent and the instant attacks just cause them to leave. Many admins have recently complained about the lack of admins on the servers but don't seem to realize they are probably the reason we lose so many good members. On top of this many of the admins who insult new members made the EXACT SAME MISTAKES when they joined the forums for the first time and were helped to get their admin applications through. This is clearly an issue and admins that wish to stay in the position they are currently in should focus more on recruiting new competent admins instead of trolling on the forums. (Leave that to Neil :P) Just a note: This sounds very negative towards GiClan admins but there are many mature admins who help the community instead of pushing negativity. We need more of these types of people to apply for admin to make GiClan a better community. Edit: OK so obviously there has been some confusion in the comments. This post is purely referencing the forum toxicity. Yes, there are some of the same issues on the servers as there are on the forums but that's a post for another day Also hypocrisy is not something we encourage in the community and recording an event where an admin initiates an issue and posting it to the forums can lead to a possible demotion. No admin has a concrete position and can lose their position in the event that they violate the rules or abuse their power.
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    Removed admin list from motds, if you want to see fucking admins then check the admin staff steam group or Matts admin list thread Changed camping rules on surf cmbt and rpg Added rule to Deathrun And if fucking admins kick each other and they dont have a problem with it (cause they're probably just fucking around with each other) then why are you making it such a big deal, its a fucking game not a company. As dennis said this isn't a prison, if you want a community that restricts you from being able to take a deep breathe then move else where. You dont seem to understand the difference between playing around on a VIDEO GAME and someone actually abusing in a negative way.
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    I like his mind set, he posted it in the Administrative Upgrade section. He wants to skip admin all together and go straight for Officer, I like this man.
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    im pretty sure we are friends on steam, if you ever see me playing just msg me i've never had u msg me to come on and deal with things. And if im alone you can do "record demo1" in console to record the rule breakers. and then do "stop" It's easy to type 3 words to just record someone, and its easy to send the file too. Try reporting the people.
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    AUGUST UPDATES Its been a while since we got a update page, amirite? Added cameras and drones to TTT [Admin Tools] Introducing our custom !rdmslay to TTT. Instead of banning you can now put how many slays on a person and it will slay them for x rounds. Extra features include !rdmslayr (to remove the slay) or !rdmslays (to see the status of players) [Admin Tools] Finished weapon spawner for TTT which now has Shotguns, admins can type !addweapons. Improved Forums Theme design and functionality Added forums clubs. Fixed Backgrounds that werent being applied to members on the forums. Released our new !knife menu that loads your knife faster, more reliable and nicer display! Released KZ server (IP: kz.giclan.net) Added !noslide to KZ Fixed auto disconnect issue on all servers which has been happening for months now. Fixed replay bots on KZ and Bhop server. We're now apart of KZ global stats (kzstats.com) Released access to our Private Bhop Timer. http://giclan.net/forums/topic/748-private-bhop-timer-access/ Added !ghost to Surf Combat and RPG Added !ws/!gloves/!knife back to Zombie Escape & Surf Timer. Added Knockback grenades on Surf RPG & Combat surf. (Press e on a incoming nade)
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    Nicely worded. Great observations from the Staff team. Un-linking them seems like the better route in my opinion. If the points are linked that means top CoClan players are going to be on our rankings right? I would much rather us be on our own rankings, with OUR top players.
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    dont bother applying, you're retarded seriously.
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    This application has been auto denied. Sorry but your application has been auto denied. You can try again in 1 month if you can prove to the community you have what it takes. To prevent yourself from being auto denied again, read over carefully our application template guide HERE You can also be sure to read over our general forum rules and regulations located HERE Note: It clearly said you had to wait 1 month. I dont see how you asking me "if its ok to make an app" is remotely accurate when the post itself on your denied app clearly tells you when you should make another app and on top of that you ask me as you already made the app. Major facepalm, i mean really how retarded are you doge..
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    Tbh I think it would have been better if you forgot me ;-; i don't know much about you other than that ur an asian with a big ipad, probably because ur eyes are too small to use a normal phone ha rekt but for real tho how are we going to do admin meetings *ignores the higher people* I guess admin meetings will be a lot less funny when you're not going to be there.
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    Good luck with "school"
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    ✔️Private profile ✔️Shitty reason for "not cheating" ✔️ "forgetting" your old account name ✔️ Bans on other communities ✔️ Has shit edgy instagram ✔️Ex-PGN weeb -50 for run on sentences ✔️ Thinks Kez isn't a gayboy B E G O N E T H O T
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    It wooks wike baxypoo is getting a widdle twiggered
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    t̴͛̊̈̈́̀͛̀͏̷͓̫̙͍͔̳̭̰͎̺̪̞̣͚̙ͅͅh̃̓̑͑ͩ͋ͨ͗̄̒̒̾ͯ͌͂҉̸̨̻̯͔̝̣̖̤̹̝͇͖̟͕͔ͅį̶̸̦͓͚̭͎̗̝̩̙̟̼̱̝ͦͥ͆̈́̀̚͜s̆̉̐̐̎̿̽ͮ͐̅͛̌́ͨͨ̃̍͂̓҉̛̥̯͓̞̻͖͠ ̢͈̠͙̗͉̩͚̙̱͖̲̎̋ͮͦ̌̒ͣ̄͊̍ͤͪ̉̀͋̀͢ã̢̰͈̲̤̞̻̫̖̟̣̜̻͗̀̄͐ͦ̓̓̉͐ͪ͢͞c̵̩͔̪̘͖̘̠̠͕̜̱͈̠̓̈́ͨ̑ͪͦ̑̌̀͊͂ͦ̈ͩͪ͑ͧͥ̀ͅͅc̡̡͉̯̯̥̘͌͂ͮ̏̃̏̐ͯ̊̊͋ͦͤ̍̊ͤ̓̚͝o̷̰̘̰͙̺͍͕̫͇̬͓̞͇̓͐͊̍̂͞uͥͦ̉̋̌ͯ͒͒̀̾͗̇̾̓̍ͭ҉̡̲̪͉͕̤͕̣͓n̸̷͑͒̐̍̄̀͐̒̍̄̾̇̍̉̅͆́̎̀͏̮̟̝̘͇ͅt̶̢̋̓͒ͥ̂͞͡͏̗͕̬̘̗͎̬̖̮̪̫̟͉̻̺͙ ̡̱̱̳̲̫̰͖̫͉̟̖̳̗̠͍̭̣͚̉͌̂̾͆͢ḩ̰͇͕͖̗͙ͥ̿̑̌ͪ̊ͨ͟ã̧̧͉͖͎̬̩̬̼̟̱̜̪̬̰̼ͧ̅͒ͦ̓̈́̾̈͋͗̎͆ͮͧ̎̈́͠͠ͅs̷̮̭̙̪̙̻̥͙͕̳͕̞͙͖̫̣͖̒ͣ͐̓ͩ̒̑ͤͣ͘͟͜ ̵̱̲̮͖͖̰̪̺̗̣̩͖̺͙̺̹͉͛̿ͣ̔̔̔ͣͫ͂ͪ͘͟b̡̩͙͖̜͕̱͙͂͆̊͆̽̎͌͌͆͑͛͂̚̕͡͞e̶̼̳̥̼͇͉͆̌͋̈́̉͒̐̏ͭ̚ȅ̶̗͎̼͎̯̖̥̱̲̹̼͔͕̺̝̟͕̜ͭͮ͛̍̐͊̂ͩ̇ṅ̶̯̞̝̙̟̯̉̏͂̀̆̀ͤ̏ͣ̄ ͈̰̤̪̣̯̖͕̝̖̻͎͓̪̮͙ͪ̈͌ͨ̿͐͟b̢̓ͧ͆͊ͭ̈̅̅̉̐̌̐͟͡҉̤͈̗̦̰̺̬͇̣͔r̍́̓ͭ̆͜͏̵̡͙̲̦̦͍̤̥̜̲e̡̪͎͍̻͙̺͔̣̻̘̟̙̟̯̭͕̭͂ͮ̈ͨ͆̆̉̏͗ͥ̑ͥ̽̃͜a͉͍͚̻͉͖̭̟̗̪͋̿́̍ͭ́ͥ͢͡ͅc̸̡̙̹͈͔̝̖͍̣͓͇̳̟̟͍̽ͪ̏̈́̓̌͂͠ͅḧ́̂ͪ̽̿̔͑ͪ̚͢͏̴̼̯͉̖͖͔͖͚̻̹͙̙͍̺͎͚̘̼ͅę̴̝̺̭̹̗̖̲̼͙̥͕̯̻̺̯̺͖̌̑͌ͦͯ̍ͯ́͋̈́̀̾͗̿ͨ̀̚͞d̶̡̗̺̠̮͈̠̟̞̺̺̟͔̲̫̥͈͔͊͂ͧͤ́ͨ͟͞͡.̡̨̠͇͇͈̲̫̳̪͔̽̈́̈́̒͂̐́͟͢
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    It was a mysql utf8 incompatibility error causing these "crashes", but i just fixed this. As for the random lags , as you know those tend to happen on all servers and currently have 0 fix for.
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    If you don't already know, or someone else in the server that has had or has a hat, or trail does not know what they look like, so maybe have a way of a preview of the items on a website, or you can re sell the item for 100% of the credits spent in a certain time frame, so you can test out hats or things in the store that you don't know what they look like, just posting this because ozone bought wings recently and did not like them, and also some people have complained about not being able to see the item before they buy, and buying a hat they are going to end up selling and then having to save to try out another. There could already be a way to see the items and I just don't know about it, so sorry if that is the case.
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    I Miss The Old Bax I miss the old Bax, straight from Minecraft Bax Chop up blocks Bax, writing his own cords Bax I hate the new Bax, the bad mood Bax The always rude Bax, spaz in the fourms Bax pushing players away from the community Bax I miss the pro Minecraft Bax, chop up the blocks Bax I gotta say, at that time I'd like to meet Bax See, Notch invented Bax, it wasn't any Bax And now I look and look around and there's so many Baxs I used to love Bax, I used to love Bax I even played Minecraft, I thought I was Bax What if Bax made a song about Minecraft Called "I Miss The Old Minecraft Bax"? Man, that'd be so Bax That's all it was Bax, we still love Bax And I love you like Bax Loves Minecraft
  29. 3 likes
    I was going to do a similar style of @bax and @Blooe way of replying to applications, but I'm too lazy. Anywhom, both of you guys have already pointed out that he's respectful and indeed a good member. The cons you have suggested is what baffles me since on my end, this never happens. As far as I'm concerned, his activity is low (admin wise) due to Surf RPG's extinct community and I don't blame Rose on that end. I also don't know how you get the idea of him being "stomped" over. Rose enforces on a basis and has asked me to come on a couple of times in order to mute someone. He's also quite active on the servers; from my perspective, even more than Blooe. +1 Good luck on your application.
  30. 3 likes
    The year has finally come to an end and id like to thank everyone who put the effort into keeping this community in its proper place. Endless feedback coming from our members and staff really did help shape the community as a whole. As many of you know alot of our staff did leave this community not necessarily right now but in total this past year and it was a bumpy road at times but this does not stop most of you from doing the right thing and supporting what you love. You choose where your heart desires and those who dont will just come back eventually, as i like to emphasis endless counts. My goals and visions for giclan have never been fully accomplished but in such a short time there has been much that has been accomplished, but...... this isn't the end, more the fact this is only the beginning. What is to be expected for next year is of epic proportions. From our custom made pubg server to a even more advanced bhop timer (maybe soon to be surf timer), and much more exclusive content to be announced. GiClan's development team always pushed what no other community is capable of dishing out, and that is new, fresh, ideas & content that is viable for all sorts of gamemodes and people. More over we aren't just going to be a American community anymore. GiClan in 2018 will be world wide, yes you read correctly, we're going to be pushing giclan to a handful of countries in csgo. This will give us a huge idea of what people are like in other countries and have some more interactions and appreciate the culture. Its time to pop this american bubble. GiClan not only is going to branch to new countries but we will be building a team to push GiClan into a different direction of gamemodes including tf2, minecraft and much more. And this ends my message for 2017, haters, supporters: whomever is reading this, you'll see whos the big dog in this scene. - Chev out
  31. 3 likes
    Just because i know this will go unlooked. bump.
  32. 3 likes
    Stop using this as an excuse, it's just sad at this point. Look at MG, Combat used to get more players and people still applied for MG, no one cares about player count/activity, new admins are always needed and welcomed. I mean it's good enough for the globals to keep their rank, at least he can't hit a top peek of 50+ when he's active, me, cat, neeon, and blooe have all gotten a big hit in our hours, we're just playing other games, give him a break. Also check Game Tracker instead of just basing it off the past 2 weeks, tells a way different story. Also me and Cat are pretty sure you AFK hours on CS:GO, which is a dick move if it's true. btw guys which ones more autistic?
  33. 3 likes
    - Stated before in a previous thread, add back !shuffle. - Lower the spawn protection back to what ever it was (I believe 5s). No reason why it was changed unexpectedly. - Fix all SKI maps. Going up the elevator can make you get stuck in the wall (top of the elevator). Also, the window on the elevator stutters you out which never happened before the glitching elevator. (Image attached) - Counter-fix to the suggestion above would be allowing players to receive invincibility after being teleported with admins as well. It's very frustrating to try and help someone out just to die or the player dying right after being help. - Add the ability to turn beacon noises off/on. Don't know if this achievable, but if it is, desperately needed. - Re-add TP (third person). This was never a problem and again like the spawn protection, was never asked to be changed. - Get old Bax back. Best regards, pussy slayer 123.
  34. 3 likes
    +1 on the death replay, it could also help admins big time to see campers (like doge said) and also hackers -1 on the knife fight thingy, sounds lame, don't think many people will like it.
  35. 3 likes
    Hey Nico, i think what you need is advice from someone with real life experiences already to guide you in the direction needed, which is why i decided to comment on this to give you my thoughts. First off depression is something you need to eliminate entirely or you wont go anywhere. How do you do this? Appreciate life, see what you have com-paired to what others dont have and see that maybe life is rough but you have a house, food and can shower daily. Many dont even have food or water which is essential. Best way is to have a positive attitude for life and just try to overcome obstacles cause it wont get easier when you're an adult, trust me on that. Second off a university is a straight scam and for many reason. I wont get to in depth in this but universities are designed for you to waste money, party and charge absurd amounts of money for something you can get dirt cheap doing yourself. But you may ask, how can i do it myself? Well community colleges have the same scholarships and financial aid opportunities which are far cheaper and almost near free without you having straight A's or having to use loans. NEVER USE LOANS. They're simply designed for you to have to pay interested forever if you're of course paying minimum payments, its a black hole. So i suggest go to a community college, apply for scholarships based off what they have available and ask for financial aid. Community college consist of you getting what you need done and fast to get your CERTIFICATIONS and your degree. Difference between certifications and degree. Your certifications indicate you master a skill, such as for example A+ (master basic IT) or security+ (master basic security measures which arent so basic to the normal person). Then you have a degree which just sums up that you mastered your whole IT category + your basic necessity's like math/science/writing etc. So go for what you want and make sure you get both. School doesn't have to be a full time thing for you but you need to pass high school and get your associates degree at least. It really isnt that hard and the time will past by quickly once you apply yourself. Once you get a job that pays good money, you'll thank me later.
  36. 3 likes
    other than doge's English i find nothing wrong with this, I think It would improve the fun aspect of surf combat.
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    The Beginners Guide To Using The Forums 1. If you are about to submit a post be patient. It does not submit instantly and clicking it multiple times will result in multiple posts. 2. If you wrote something incorrectly in a post there is an edit button on each post. Do NOT create a new post. 3. When using the forums make sure you have the right section before posting. 4. Trolling on admin applications is not allowed and will result in possible forums ban. 5. On admin applications, an admin cannot assist you if there is a problem with the format. It's your job to figure out what the issue is and to fix it to show your competence. 6. Please try and keep admin application comments to +/- 1's. This clears out the application to make sure a fair decision is made. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ General Guide to the Forums 1. Applying for Admin: If you want to apply for admin go to the section labeled "Become a Staff Member" and first select the admin application template. This template is required or your application will be auto denied. Do not change the colors or template or you also risk being auto denied. 2. Reporting a Player: If you are attempting to report a player go to the section labeled "Report" and select the "Report Application Template". Similarly to an admin application, this template must be used or your report will be deemed invalid. 3. Applying for A Position Upgrade: If you are an admin or officer and wish to receive an upgrade to officer or supervisor (Respective) select "Administrative Position Upgrades" and copy the template. 4. Appeal A Ban: If you wish to appeal a ban go to the section marked "Appeals" and select "Appeal Application Format". This must be used or your appeal will be deemed invalid and you will not be able to appeal again. 5. Get to Know the Community: General Chat and Tech Chat are good ways to get to know the community but try to keep it toxicity free.
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    Added !nc for public use.
  39. 3 likes
    I'd like to follow up on what was being stated on this post, as a lot of the issues were addressed, but not as we had hoped. Let's start off by addressing what was changed. Zombie Knockback & Speed In Cat's post he stated that the Zombie's knockback and speed on the server were way to overpowered, and now it's unfair, before it was close to no knockback, now it's as if you headshot them once and they go flying across the map at 1400 mph. Lower the knockback, and lower the speed since it isn't fine like Chev stated. On the Jurassic Park map, there is a part where the humans can skip a huge section of walking on the map by going across 3 wooden bridges, and passing through a cage with 2 dinosaurs, well the problem with that is, if the Zombies end up just skipping the skip, they'll beat you to the end going the LONG WAY. It's insanely unbalanced. Zombie Health & Regen The Mother Zombie's health is insanely unbalanced as well, she gets like 10k health I think which is insane in itself, but the regen is even more insane, if you have a whole team of 10 or more people shooting at her and they all have to reload, she can regen back up to full health before you can all reload and start shooting again, unless you're all getting headshots on her while spraying with negevs, it's very unlikely she'll ever end up dying. As for now the Mother Zombie is the only Zombie I know of that has unfair health and regen, but I'll get back to you if I find more issues.
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    Admin Rules (For Both Sides) Contrary to popular belief admins DO have to follow certain rules but the players are the ones that need to enforce them 1. An admin cannot tell a player not to do something and then proceed to do it themselves This includes mic spam and teleport camping (As Applicable) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. An admin cannot ban or mute someone without 3 warnings unless certain conditions are met These conditions include DDoS threats and repeat offenses which can result in instant bans/mutes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. Admins are not allowed to attack other players without consequence (Reference to Admin Disrespect Rule) This rule seems to be misinterpreted by many admins and players If an admin begins insulting you for no clear reason responding with an insult will result in a probable ban/mute for admin disrespect This can be avoided by simply recording and reporting an admin that you feel is being toxic Even if there is no immediate action taken recording and reporting admins for toxicity on servers helps the GiClan community by allowing us to weed out admins that aren't a good fit to hold their position. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Try to treat admins with respect Admins are on servers to make it a better place for other players As long as they are following the above rules there is no reason to disrespect one If you have a question about a rule there is a list of rules for each server in the navbar at the top of the page under the tab "Rules" Or you can ask a global admin (Neil, Matt, Simington, or Chevalier) They have the final say in many decisions and can give a definitive answer to any rule disputes. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have obviously missed some things so please try to leave feedback in the comments so we can clear the air on some of the confusion surrounding admin positions Try to keep it chill though. I don't need the comments here to become more toxic than what I'm trying to prevent.
  41. 3 likes
    @Drama Jr. I'm not sure if you were at the staff meeting or not but this issue was talked about and chev has done everything in his power to fix it but has no clue to what is causing the problem. As he has checked its not an attack or the (!ws, !knife or !gloves ) plugins. he is still working on it.
  42. 3 likes
    @GiClan | Dennis all that needed to be said. If you can't take a roast, why are you using the internet?
  43. 3 likes
    prop hunt frikn borING , only fun when you're allowed to exploit the map or aimbotting while you're disarmed, only then i'm down for prop hunt.
  44. 3 likes
    you're right but remember this is smol we're talking about.. hes quite retarded
  45. 3 likes
    I know this is all messy and shit, but bear with it. Also, before leaving a comment, read the entire thing, thanks. Before I start out with this, I just want to say this. This has been on my mind for a long time now and I want to assure that it had no changes in the way I used my admin privileges. I had no answer at first, but I decided to come to this as I feel like this is the best for me as of now. I have been admin on two occasions now, both being roughly around 2016. I was first accepted to the Deathrun server as an Admin but later resigned to personal issues. I had then applied once again but was denied for a reason I completely forgot now. This third time applying I was accepted once again into Deathrun and was determined to try and achieve something many others couldn't achieve. After a course of a few months, I was later promoted to Officer, an admin rank given to you when you feel like you were ready for, a position you had to apply for. If you can remember (if you were there back then), I didn't apply for Officer and I believed I was doing good, so I kept doing on what I was doing assuring myself that I was doing great. I was then later promoted to Supervisor, the highest admin rank (discarding Global). I was happy and sad about this due to the demotion of Shooby, a well known admin back when I first started and I know why he was demoted and I can not deny the reason of why he was demoted. I then got bored of Deathrun and had started to decline in hours, but still maintained to be on the servers frequently. I then applied for my second server, Surf RPG. I was accepted in a matter of days and was excited for this as I had gained a big interest into this. A few months later, I had also apply for SKZ and was accepted. This was all in the past, let's talk about the present. I have quite a few reasons on why I'm resigning, but the main reasons I will list. After being Admin for a long period of time (yes, I know I wasn't admin for too long, but just bear with me), I feel like I haven't impacted the community as I have when I first started. Even with positive feedback from the community stating I'm a good admin, I just don't feel it in myself, and all I can blame for that is myself. One other main reason is just the community, players and admins. Now, I know communities change, so I don't blame anyone, but with the server being infested with annoying kids or constant mic spammers, it just gets to the point I can't withstand it and just want to get off of the servers. Like I said, I can't blame anyone for this, all the Admins do their jobs as much as they can, but the toxicity tramples over it. The last main reason would have to be my health problems. Most players/admins know that I have a problem with my wrist and shoulder that can cause immense pain and make me leave the computer for a few hours (which is why a lot of admins have told me previously that I get on and off in like 5 minutes). I want to dedicated the rest of this post to admins that have helped me and that I always keep in touch. Doge - While your one pain in the ass sometimes, keep doing what your doing, don't let other shit get to you. Sam - You've changed since we first met, and I'm glad you have. Keep leaving a good influence to other players. MeowKat - You furry. I'm kidding, but thanks for all the great steam messages, keep awp rpg alive for me. Mr. Whale - Man, you were one cool ass whale. Will miss you and your stink. Neil - Love you dad, don't ban me, I beg. (Bring TTT back for me) Evo - Keep doing what your doing, your going to be a good officer one day. TaZ - Keep bhop alive my man, also hmu with some world records. Frost - How much you have changed from your shit personality to your ok personality. Jokes aside, thanks for sticking with me since we first met. Matt - Carry me in comp one day again, missing drunk Matt. Quinten - Oh do I remember the old days with you and your autotune. I used to hate your ass, always getting complaints. Glad to see you've changed and became a real fucking good Global, proud of you man. Simington - Even though I can't remember the first day we met, I'm glad even when we talk shit about each other and you abuse me on deathrun, we can still be friends. Also, become active again, deathrun needs better bhoppers. Now, I will dedicated two people I'm most thankful for. RP - You've been here with me since day one and have taught me on how to be civilized and how to be a great admin. I've never said it to you, but I hope you know you were always my role model, keep doing what your doing, don't let those reports get to you. Chevalier - We've had some amazing times my man, I just want to thank you for giving me so many fucking chances with this. Love you man, keep running Gi like you are now. I'm sorry if you didn't make it on here, I want you to know I love you and I'm grateful (if you aren't Pixl <3). One last thing before you stop reading, GiClan will always be home. I might stop playing one day or come anonymously, but I want you guys to know I will never leave Gi. I might join other communities, of course, but never leave this community which I am truly grateful for. This is my second time resigning and will most likely be my last time you see me with an Admin rank. Thank you guys for everything. Best regards, your favorite neighborhood Cat.
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    lol best part is when he failed to take it offline loooooooooooooooooooool. Here's his real ip for anyone looking to ddos the kid for fun.
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    If it's possible, make a plugin to where admins can hear dead players, and alive players can hear dead admins. I have gotten many people tell me that someone is mic spamming, but I could not hear it since he was dead and I was alive. It would also get rid of admins constantly using /csay or /msay to talk to alive players. With this plugin, admins could monitor the server much better and could better benefit the server. P.S. - I know some servers can hear dead and alive, but this suggestion is mainly for Deathrun as of now.
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