CS:GO Bhop

IP: bhop.giclan.net
Rules Updated: 3/20/2017

Player Rules
Admin Rules
Admin Commands

Player Rules

Rules the Players must follow
  • Mic spamming is allowed unless told to stop by any individual.
  • Chat spamming is not allowed
  • Cursing is allowed unless taken to a offensive/aggressive extent.
  • Advertising or recruiting a group, channel, site, clan, etc will not be allowed
  • Links are allowed in your name except the links that are involving illegal actions or activities(even if theres no TLD Top Level Domain). An Example is an url thats used to buy hacks on or a booter site
  • DDoS, Dox or Hacking threats towards our website, servers or staff members will result in a perm ban
  • If a premade server side HLDJ vote is successful, a admin still has the right to tell you to turn it off and you must comply with their desires.
  • Skin injecting is allowed but not promoted, use at your own risk.
  • Auto Jump on legit style or strafe hacks/optimizers, AutoHot Key or any other script, program, software that utalize something that the game doesnt provide are not allowed. Fail to do so is a perm ban
  • Using spinbot/aimbot is not allowed as this spams bash and is quite annoying.
  • Timer exploit is not allowed and will result in a perm ban
  • Map exploit is not allowed, if caught doing this twice, it will result in a perm ban.
  • Disrespecting admins is not tolerated one bit.
  • Any sort of under the counter credit handling/gambling done by a client IS NOT ALLOWED and will be punished and held accountable. There's !coinflip and !bet for a reason.
  • Scamming other players of GiClan supported/created resources will result in a permanent ban, if the scam performed is external from GiClan and the trade is not supported by GiClan, we cannot and will not be held accountable for that transaction(s) made.
  • [There's 3 warnings for the rules above as long as the rule does not provide a instant perm ban]

Admin Rules

Rules the Admins/Donators must follow
  • Apply the rules above to all players including admins.
  • Be sure to provide the 3 step warning or perm ban depending on the rule/situation.
  • Do not abuse your commands in any way that is used to cheat or take advantage of for fun or your pleasure.
  • Do not help others and provide noclip, godmode, etc to others for the fun of it.
  • Warn a player before you provide a punishment.
  • Do not ban players when bashed unless you are for sure of it and provide proof.
  • DO not delete wr's from players that arent hacking.
  • Do not delete a zone someone else made unless you have their permission
  • Kicking/Banning players for small insignificant reasons without warnings is not allowed.
  • If an admin is disobeying the player/admin rules, report this to the forums, don't take action apon yourself.
  • Every ban must have a legitimate reason on source bans. No bull shit
  • Do not perm gag, mute, or ban players on first warnings, that's a dick move.

InGame Commands

Important commands to know while playing
  • !rules - shows you server rules
  • !coinflip - to coinflip with someone to win their credits!
  • !style - pick a bhop style you prefer
  • !r - restart your timer to the beginning
  • !b - teleport you to bonus start zone
  • !zone - pick a zone to teleport to
  • !p - allows you to toggle noclip
  • !hide - make all bot/players invisible on your screen
  • !pause - pause your timer
  • !stuck - if you're stuck, this helps fix that.
  • !tpto - teleport to someone
  • !stage - teleport to a stage if the map isnt linear
  • !challenge - Challenge someone to steal their points
  • !pause - pause your timer
  • !wr - shows all world records for that certain map
  • !bwr - shows all world records for that certain map
  • !google - search up anything ingame
  • !steamgroup - to join our steam group
  • !mapmusic - turns off annoying map music
  • !store - purchase skins, tracers, chat customization features, pets, hats, etc.
  • !credits - shows how many credits you have
  • !gift - to gift someone your credits
  • !donate - redirect to donate for credits, vip, or gold donator.
  • !admins - see all the active admins online
  • !marry - to marry someone you know
  • !couples - to see the active couples in the server
  • !rank - to see your rank
  • !sc - to listen to music provided by soundcloud ingame
  • !settings - to enable/disable different features
  • !help - To see all main commands in 1 menu

Admin Commands

Important admin commands
  • BE SURE TO RIGHT CLICK TO MAKE START/END POINTS ⤵⤵⤵⤵⤵ (do not shoot or left click when making zones)
  • !zoneadd - to make a zone
  • !admin - This takes you to the admin menu where u can find all the timer menu features
  • !ban - to ban someone from joining any csgo servers
  • !scripter[player] or [steamid] - ban player from all ranked modes except auto
  • !zonedel- to delete a zone you are standing on
  • !deleterecord [steamid] - to delete a specific players record