CS:GO Zombie Escape

IP: ze.giclan.net
Rules Updated: 3/20/2017

Player Rules
Admin Rules

Player Rules

Rules the Players must follow
  • Mic spamming is not allowed what so ever
  • Chat spamming is not allowed.
  • Hacking is not allowed and will result in a perm ban.
  • Any Hyperscroll / Scripts are not allowed and you will be banned for a min of 2 week
  • Map exploiting of any sort is not allowed, after 2 warning will result in a temp ban.
  • Links are allowed in your name except the links that are involving illegal actions or activities(even if theres no TLD Top Level Domain). An Example is an url thats used to buy hacks on or a booter site
  • Cursing is allowed unless taken to a offensive/aggressive extent.
  • Advertising or recruiting a group, channel, site, clan, etc will not be allowed.
  • DDoS, Dox or Hacking threats towards our website, servers or staff members will result in a perm ban
  • HLDJ is not allowed AT ALL
  • Hiding items that are imporant to the map just to let survivors die is prohibited
  • Glitching maps are not allowed at ALL.
  • Do not use any exploits in maps to troll, misuse, take of advantage, or anything unfair like. Report these to authorities.
  • Camping switches, vents or ladders so zombies cannot progress is not allowed UNLESS it is at the end part of the map, or a checkpoint the humans are at while escaping. If you are at the start camping a zombie, while the rest of the team is at the end, that is considered against the rules as well.
  • Do not camp spots to prevent finishing the map. This does follow up with camping spots in order to delay the game when all other humans are completeing the map or even hiding in secret places just for the fun of it.
  • DO NOT GRIEF, i cannot stress this any more. This does include to helping zombies break defenses on purpose, closing gates early on purpose, glitching special powers in maps, preventing humans from advancing on the map, zombies confusing humans with mic instructions or purposely let the zombie knife you just to get a higher zombie ratio.
  • Hunting the zombie is not allowed, unless the zombie is AFK. The objective is to ESCAPE, not kill the zombie at the start.
  • If you are first zombie or mother zombie, then leave and rejoin because you don't want to be the first zombie, is not allowed. This will result in a timed ban after 2 offense.
  • Scripting/Scroll will result in an auto perm ban, we take this as seriously as hacking.
  • DO NOT EDGE. Edging stands for humans staring near the edge where zombies can knife you, this clearly just fucks up the round / experience for your piers.
  • Skin injecting is NOT allowed, and will result in a perm ban instantly
  • Disrespecting admins is not tolerated one bit.
  • Any sort of under the counter credit handling/gambling done by a client IS NOT ALLOWED and will be punished and held accountable. There's !coinflip and !bet for a reason.
  • Scamming other players of GiClan supported/created resources will result in a permanent ban, if the scam performed is external from GiClan and the trade is not supported by GiClan, we cannot and will not be held accountable for that transaction(s) made.
  • [There's 3 warnings for the rules above as long as the rule does not provide a instant perm ban]

Admin Rules

Rules the Admins/Donators must follow
  • Apply the rules above to all players including admins.
  • Be sure to provide the 3 step warning or perm ban depending on the rule/situation.
  • Do not abuse your commands in any way that is used to cheat or take advantage of for fun or your pleasure.
  • Do not help others and provide noclip, godmode, etc to others for the fun of it.
  • Warn a player before you provide a punishment.
  • Kicking/Banning players for small insignificant reasons without warnings is not allowed.
  • If an admin is disobeying the player/admin rules, report this to the forums, don't take action apon yourself.
  • Every ban must have a legitimate reason on sourcebans. No bull shit
  • Do not perm gag, mute, or ban players on first warnings, that's a dick move.

InGame Commands

Important commands to know while playing
  • !rules - shows you server rules
  • !coinflip - to coinflip with someone to win their credits!
  • !mapmusic - turns off annoying map music
  • !donate - redirect to donate for credits, vip, or gold donator.
  • !admins - see all the active admins online
  • !stopsound - toggle weapon sounds off / on
  • !showdamage - toggle on/off to show damage hud
  • !ztele - Teleport back to spawn as a zombie
  • !zclass - to select a available class
  • !zmenu - for the zombie escape main menu
  • !nightvision - Toggle on / off the blood on your screen as a zombie
  • !colors - To color yourself a different color! (chrome donators only)
  • !rs - to reset your score
  • !sc - to listen to music provided by soundcloud ingame
  • !settings - to enable/disable different features