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  1. +1 team player and a beast
  2. Hard to do that when new people are driven away from the cheaters lol
  3. Hmm this sounds just like another server
  4. Well i mean it is kind of annoying not being able to play
  5. Please god give someone admin on combat, we all know night is going to get admin so just give it to him. No one can even play combat atm with the amount of cheaters that no one can do anything about. So im suggesting that you give someone admin on combat asap. PLEASE
  6. Night is pretty lit ngl, he won't false ban for cheaters because the only people that can kill him are cheaters. Only downside for night being admin is that he is probably going to make everyone rage quit as soon as he logs on +1
  7. Ye these cheaters are ridiculous rn
  8. Now that there is no staff we cant even play, about 5 cheaters within 24 hrs and we cant do anything about it
  9. Now combat has 0 admins, dire need of staff
  10. Dang sorry to hear that man, hope i didnt cause any of that stress
  11. Lol you really dont like dust do you?
  12. Never said it was healthy, just saying we need admins who exclusively play combat.
  13. well thats what i am saying, we need staff that are dedicated to combat surf on gi
  14. it was obviously a joke anyway and Ailey even told Nico it was a joke when Nico asked him about it. thanks tho, appreciate it

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