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  1. Hello, giclan community. My name is Sofia and i want to offer you my beautiful mod for csgo dedicated server. About modification: This mod is using MySQL with 4 tables for contain all players and world date. Players stats are saving every minute with SERVER+WEB script (so there is less load to game server). This mod is modular with convenient API that contain 20+ functions. All core and modules messages are loggin into file (for ex.: new players, helicopter departure, rocks respawn, information about players, who was intersted in VIP, etc.) Sell pack contains: 1. Plugin (.smx) and source code (.sp) of CORE (+include) 2. Plugins (.smx) and source codes (.sp) of all 11 modules (+include for API 3. Private map, that was redesigned by our mapper 4. 20 private player models and building model, that were ordered from our modeler 5. 18 private sounds 6. WEB-script for updating players stats in real time Mod opportunities: ★ Gather resources (wood, stones) ★ Interaction menu (F4 button) with all major points (actions, inventory, building, upgrades, info, VIP) ★ Create workbench and craft weapons, lite & hard armor, ammo, grenades ★ Build houses, doors with passwords, chests for save your loot (all are saving after your exit / map change / restart / etc) ★ Airdrop with cool stuff every 10 minutes ★ Fireplaces, where you can melt stone into iron and weapons into iron) ★ Hunger, that lowers health regeneration (all players have 200HP and regeneration). You can restore hunger level by eaten a chicken or a banana (that falls from palms when you gather wood from it) ★ Thirst, that lowers movement speed, you can restore it level by drink water from river or your personal bottle from inventory ★ Viewing, storare, throwing different types of ammo and resoures ★ Pickup loot from dead players ★ Weapon have a chance to misfire ★ You have a chance to bleeding when you got hurt. It blocks your regeneration and slows movement speed (you can remove effect by using healthshot) ★ Stamina, that affetcts time during which you can live without food and water. It grown during life and subsides after death ★ C4 (oh yes baby), that attaches to surface and explodes after couple of seconds, dealing colossal damage in area (the best thing for raids) ★ Voice chat works only with players that are close enough ★ Complete saving all your stats: coordinates, resources, weapons, ammo, upgrades, etc (so when you reconnect to server on another day you will wake up in a same place, with same HP/armor, same weapon & ammo, resources, hunger/thirst level) ★ Tools upgrades, that will allow an opportunity to gather more resources ★ Custom in-game HUD with resources (with images), coordinates and title of the current location ★ Complete sound accompaniment all in-game events: drink, break tree, explode C4, build house, open chest, death, etc ★ Bottle with water, which you can replenish in waterway and drink on battlefield, when the water source is very far ★ Private messages, which help you to discuss plan fo your raid near the target, so you don't use voice chat ★ Binoculars, that can help to scout the situation ★ Nicknames above the head ★ Ability to throw rocks: target takes damage and there is a chance to bleeding ★ VIP with 3 levels (more info below in block 'About monetization') Commands: I. Player commands 1. !help - the basics about game 2. !about - opportunities of the server 3. !advice - advices 4. !pm/!msg/!ls - sent pm to player 5. !tpr - request for teleportation to player (only for VIP) 6. !menu - main interaction menu (for bind, if F4 button is not okay) II. Admin commands: 1. !vanish - toggle spectator mode: fly, invisible. When activated, there is a mind-blowing effect with sound (there is the best thing you will see in the world). 2. !rust - make update (freeze players, save stats, update the map). 3. !tp - teleport you to target. 4. !tphim - teleport target to you. 5. !tpxyz - teleport you to coordinates. 6. !attack - make fake attack to target and all around it. 7. !god - give you invicible mode (any damage is reflected back to attacker, there is nice red shield around you and sound effect). 8. !give - give you something (resources, weapon, hunger/thirst level). 9. !voice (beta) - make connection with you and target (you will be hear only this player, and he - only you). About modules: There are 11 default modules in sell pack: 1. Bottle - adds bottle with water (+point in Interaction menu > Actions). You can drink from it and restore thirst level. Bottle can be replenished in river. 2. Teleport - adds ability to create request for teleportation (/tpr, /tpa) for VIP. 3. Throw rocks - adds ability to throw rocks. Target takes damage and there is a 1% chance to bleeding. 4. Vip Information - adds command (+point in Interaction menu > VIP), that print in chat information about paid privilege and your contacts (fb, discord, skype, etc.). When someone interested in VIP, his nick logged into file (so you can talk to him later). 5. Ads - adds advertising messages each N seconds (about VIP sales, changelogs from last update, etc. Easy changable). 6. Chickens - adds creation, removing, eating chickens and restore hunger level for this action. 7. Helicopter&Airdrop - adds helicopter, which fly every 10 minutes for one of the routes and throw airdrop in random place with very valuable loot. Drop, coordinates, time and all other is easy configurable in module). 8. Player Models - adds 20 unique players models, which are automatically changed: 16 for common players (different jeans + different t-shirts) and 4 for admin/VIP (complete black clothes, seems very cool). 9. Rocks - adds creation, removing, gathering stones. 10. Trees - adds creation, removing, gathering wood. 11. Remove Weapons - periodically clean dropped weapons. About monetization: Mod has specially created VIP with 3 levels, each level has 6 privilege. You can sell whole VIP or by levels. I level: 1. Hungry level gone longer. 2. Thirst level gone longer. 3. +15% HP. 4. Doors have +20% durability. 5. Stamina is filling for 10% faster. 6. Throw rock cost cheaper for 50%. II level: 7. +25% to gather x2 wood. 8. +25% to gather x2 stone. 9. Upgrade tools cost lower for 50 resources. 10. Bottle of water fills in 100% thirst level. 11. Building workbench doesn't cost anything. 12. +15% of ammo in craft. III level: 13. Melting iron cost 7 stones instead of 10. 14. Ability to teleport to ally once in every 5 minutes. 15. -20% for misfire. 16. -20% for bleeding. 17. VIP tag in chat. 18. Unique VIP skin in complete black clothes. [VIDEO] Survival in squad gameplay (you can turn on subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNSsxvqydpM [SCREENSHOTS] Some in-game screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/EAxGzKv About sell: Pack included everything you need for an instant start of the server and a comfortable game, the modification is done by the finished assembly: everything is set, everything is described, everything is ready. You just need to scatter everything in folders, start the server and enjoy the game (and, of course, good VIP sales). We can test it, so you will see this great mod by yourself. Price for full sell pack: $1000. Contacts: 1. Telegram: @Equiment 2. Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/sirequiment

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