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  1. So admins would be able to manually rtv the map? @bax
  2. Being stuck on a map is really frustrating. I would love to have the chance of being an admin.
  3. STEAM NAME: helix STEAM ID or ID 64: https://steamcommunity.com/id/SmiteGod/ AGE: 18 WHY DID YOU CHOOSE GICLAN OVER ANY OTHER CLAN?: GiClan was the first bhop sever I played on regularly. When I first started bhopping, I played on other different servers, but I kept coming back to GiClan. I enjoyed playing with and taking to the community. WHICH SERVER(S) DO YOU PLAY ON? (CSS or CSGO)?: Bhop (CSGO) WHAT SERVER ARE YOU APPLYING FOR (CSS or CSGO)?: Bhop (CSGO) DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME?: I do have a mic, and I use it often. WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR A POSITION?: Sometimes when I am playing on the server, there are people afk who prevent us from changing the map. There are occasionally toxic people that join the server and there is no one to warn them about their behavior. I feel as if I could help the GiClan community. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & HOW OFTEN APPLY THEM?: I believe I know the rules pretty well and try my best to apply them. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GICLAN (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS): I have been with GiClan for over a year, and probably close to a year and a half. ADDITIONAL INFO WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT?: I love bhoppoing. In my opinion it is the only fun thing to do on CSGO currently. I am currently rank 2 on GiClan bhop. DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE “GICLAN |” IN YOUR NAME AT ALL TIME?: I do DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL?: I do DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANY TIME?: I do

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