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  1. honestly just make him admin already ur wasting time if u dont js
  2. +1 he is a good gamer man and very funne to he could be very good admin he enforce rules when were on even tho he isnt admin and he is a very nice person. HE IS EPIC GAMER MANS
  3. Admins?

    since nico resigned there are almost no admins that are on Gi i dont want Gi to be full of hackers like it is now not only is cs free to play but there are also no admins in the past week there were about 3 hackers a day and only 2 got banned because of nico but nico is gone now so im not sure what will happen to Gi i mean no admins means hackers and there is almost no way to get rid of them and if someone says just voteban them u totally could but its free they will just make a new account just a minor complaint working on fixing it tho. *wink* *wink*
  4. i dont know if we were cool or not i only talk to u like 3 times mabey but u seemed pretty cool i may have not be happy with some of your actions but i also i have not been playing for long so i dont know what all you did but from what i have seen and what others have told me you were pretty cool so have a good life you wont have to put up with us anymore so thats good
  5. When going into the shop on Gi combat surf with enough credits u are able to buy certain things one of those thing is chat name tags. i thought it would be neat to be able to have custom name tags u can make for like 500 credits or something like that i dont want to be the one to set the price this is just a idea but i think this is would be a cool new addition to the shop
  6. Calamari

    Im calamari ive been playing for a few mouths i started on co then went to gi i found it more fitting for me idk why there just seemed to be people who were more chill. im pretty chill dont get to mad at the game wish there wasnt as many cheaters which is why im planning to try and be admin. from what i have seen when im on a lot of people like me or they just dont care for me much which is fine with me and im cool with everyone i havent meet all the higher ups of gi but would like to because i like to test my skill even tho i get annoyed when i die to them. I dont talk with my mic because i dont see a need to but when i need to talk on my mic i do but thats me so like get on im on most of the day but i got school like most people but as soon as i get out im on and play most of the day.
  7. this this is hot like i would oof it

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