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  1. STEAM NAME Hot Anime Babe Uwu STEAM ID OR STEAM PROFILE LINK STEAM_0:1:460766088 WHICH SERVER(s) ARE YOU AN ADMIN ON? I am currently not admin on any servers at the moment, but I am working on getting admin on SneakZ KZ server. But I have been admin on Tango's KZ server, but that was roughly 2 years ago HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AN ADMIN ON THAT SERVER? I was admin on that server for about 6 months before I went inactive and stopped playing cs due to military reasons WHY DO YOU WANT A HIGHER POSITION? Just so I have the opportunity to help the people of the server by either muting people who are mic spamming and being annoying, and also banning people who deserve to be banned HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU'VE APPLIED THE RULES? CAN YOU TEACH IT TO OTHERS? I apply to the rules very strictly because I respect the rules of the server. I don't mic spam and I try to help people if they need it. I was really good at surf, and still am, and I know most of the maps because I have played a lot of the maps and remember them vaguely. I do think I could teach it to others, if they ask about something, maybe the rules, or just about the server in general, I could do to the best of my knowledge to help them. HAVE THE OFFICER(S) OR SUPERVISOR(S) HELPED YOU? IF SO, WHICH? For I have just recently just started playing on this server, I have not had the opportunity to meet anyone of higher authority in the server. But if I had, I bet they would help me if I had any problems on the server. Thank you for taking your time and reading over my application. I do hope that I get accepted and am hoping to better the server by helping everyone that needs it. Sincerely, Hot Anime Babe UwU

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