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  1. Do u know if i can appeal for a unban or if i have to wait or if theres anyway i can prove i was scripting?
  2. I dont wanna boost my ego but i wouldnt blame the smac for banning me. But i can guarentee u i dont script it was a really good bhop run
  3. Or it could've been my user name because i found a way to make it nothing some months ago so i do have a rare no name typa thing.
  4. For some reason i was playing the deagle head shot only and i was bhopping and im not gonna lie it looked like i was scripting but it was legit i bhopped so far and consistantly i think i got banned because of that but when i went to the bans it wont tell me what i got banned for i think it was bhop assist auto detect please reply and see if i can appeal even though i didnt cheat.

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