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  1. Having an option to show your prestrafe in the !ssj menu would be very helpful.
  2. Oh alright. Would you ever consider changing it to 100 so that official/valid scroll runs could be done on the server?
  3. I know at one point you addressed the air acceleration but it's back to 1000 as of now.
  4. The legit/scroll style on the server has autohop enabled. I believe the airacceleration is also 1000 instead of 100.
  5. Yes, that's much better now, thanks. What was the issue/fix?
  6. I have noticed that the legit style on the CSS bhop server has become significantly easier than it was before the timer update around April 23rd. Previously on this server the legit style mirrored the feel of legit bhopping on official legit servers such as Trubhopping Legit: ( However, with the implementation of the new timer it seems to have made missing jumps almost impossible, (much like if you were playing normal style but using the scroll wheel instead of holding space). I know that KawaiiClan has this same "issue" with their server when it comes to the legit style (so I wouldn't use it for comparison). The main issue with this is that it will completely obliterate all the legit records that were on the server previously (its that much easier). If any one is familiar with the old GiClan server's legit style (or any other legit server) and can confirm this, that would be great. Thanks, Tuk

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