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  1. honestly rest in spaghetti, never forghetti.
  2. I'd quit csgo to go back to tf2 if there was a gi server
  3. sounds fun but - donations but sounds fun <3
  4. basically just the rpg upgrades make autobhop a bad idea LJ with autohop = pretty difficult to hit

    my homework


    Too Lazy to Put a Title


    To the Students, and Teacher, of period 5,


    So, I wasn’t originally gonna write this speech. I honestly wish I hadn’t written this speech. But in the dark of the night, something flashed through my mind. It wasn’t the thought that my grade would once again take another heavy drop, but it probably should have been that. No, my friends, it was that you would have to suffer through this entire class period without entertainment. And that’s not something I feel I can allow, although I’m not the one who can provide the entertainment. Today we have heard some very exceptional essays, and if Ms. Thotsakis isn't bored out of her mind at this present moment, then you all have done very well. But why did we all really write these? Did you do it just for the grade? Because you’re truly passionate about your subject? Because you just like talking? To make a bad attempt to amuse the class? These are all very good reasons to complete an assignment, especially if you’re doing it for the grade. These are the reasons that drive you, that inspire you, that bring you to the keyboard typing rather than the bed sleeping. It may have been difficult, but you did it, and that’s all that matters. You now have a grade higher than a zero in the grade book, a strange sense of accomplishment, and if you’re anything like me, 3 less hours of sleep acquired last night. I don’t think my speech is at all worth the cost of sleep and paper, but I know that the speeches I have heard and will hear are worth the 4s they will receive. Good work my friends, no matter how you did it, no matter why you did it, you did it, and we made it.

  6. Shi.


    So out of all of the active forum members, who has the best profile (background, song, profile picture;etc)
  7. Wait you come on SurfRPG? learn something new every day
  8. Shi.

    I came for 21 Savage's verse, stayed to hear the chorus repeat 24 times

  9. @Doge TBH I wanted Hungergames
  10. tfw im retarded and accidentally voted retakes
  11. Shi.


    oh my thats spooky
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