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  1. This kids been waiting 2 months to say that to him without being able to get in trouble. Fucking commitment.
  2. Legends never die my friend.
  3. Haven't heard that name in a long while.
  4. Seems like one hell of a meme app, Time for my 4th application and 4th resignation?
  5. You knew what would happen if you threatened to ddos the server and you went ahead and did it anyways. I really don't think you should be unbanned, it's obvious your intention was to be perm banned and you got what you wanted. Good luck on the appeal.
  6. Activity

    Don't worry, Ill always be here for you.
  7. I agree with this, a ranking system would make Deathrun way more fun. If we were to accompany this with a leader board similar to Combat's !top command then that would be even better. For the past couple years Deathrun has been pretty simple, you beat the map then kill the T, needless to say if you've been playing Deathrun for around 2 years it gets quite boring repeating the same pattern over and over without any fun objective to it all. The ranking system would give people something to strive for besides just completing the map.
  8. Ban Appeal

    If you could provide some evidence of you buying this account from someone, and I mean major evidence, (Video of the transaction taking place, or some screenshots) then that would help your appeal greatly.
  9. Been hopping on AWP Rpg off and on recently, (on and off my alt) and majority of the time I've seen Dulu on. He's very active and a nice guy in general, also have seen him try to enforce the rules more often recently, (Assuming thanks to Dennis's post) +1, would make a great admin for AWP Rpg.
  10. Farewell?

    Even with obvious video evidence, he keeps on fighting till the end.
  11. I'll be sure to check them out. Never talk to me again. I've heard a lot of good things about them, already have kokkoku and Darling in the Franxx on my Plan to watch.
  12. Only someone that does keep up with it would say that.

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