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  1. miss you @misplays , on deadlocs
  2. nvm @GiClan | Sam all the servers are dead so I don't see deathrun coming back....
  3. my old name was son and im just wondering if any of u people are active still
  4. Deathrun, if u know u know And btw, [if] deathrun did comeback, would we still have the things we bought when it was a server because I spent some money on that server, just curious @Chevalier
  5. is this reading class?
  6. Ladders


    Hey Guys FaZe S0n here, and we are back talking about Why we encourage Fazing Down and why u should Join, Well Today i was editing my trickshot vid on my trickshot the nipple Twister, Dick sucker, fat man fucker insta swap y y no tittes out behind the back wall bang no scope across the map final kill with lube . And Just got thinking, Why shouldnt you Faze Down, and so i went on my brothers Computer and i Got on this Server Called GiClan Deathrun, and i meet this man by the name of Husky, and he asked me why dont you try and do a 360 and whip out your dick in mid air, pee on me and booty slam on the ground and shoot between your ass and hit someone, And i said to the good man husky, yes i will try it, so i got on de_hopdull and finished the map and picked awp, i got the highest place i could be and i tried it, So i jumped off the platform and zipped down my pants and whiped out my dick 360 pee on husky insta swap y y booty slam on the ground and shoot between my ass cheeks wallbang thru ur mum 420 back around y y knife out tomahawk across the map bounces back catching it flashbng throw fakie camera rolling body pillow between my nuts behind the back tittie licker fat man fucker across the map nosc, and i hot the shoot and i started screaming like this "MOM GET THE FUCKING CAMERA I HIT A BOOTY SLAM TRICKSHOT" and then it was born, FAzeTFDown, So next time you see me on Deathrun Just Remember .... FazeTFDown
  7. Ladders


    Hello guys, Faze son Here, Back at you with another trickkshot Vid, today we are gonna be recuiting people into our clan, Here are the Requirements Have To hit atleast one trickshot Create Your Own Trickshot (For Exm My trick shot is the nipple Twister, Dick sucker, fat man fucker insta swap y y no tittes out behind the back wall bang no scope across the map final kill with lube) Must have the clan tag in your name or you are not a true Faze Downer Please try and join we are need of some more trickshotters, If u have what it takes? You Can Find us Mostly on de_deluxe (Deathrun) we are always out there to hit the most sweaty trickshots your grand mom will ever see in her last 2 years of her life. We are Looking Forwarf To you Joining , just Msg Either me or Husky Or Koji @Husky @koji, We Take this very seriously... But Goodluck
  8. +1 Very Friendly Active Never toxic unless their is someone else being a jerk well Know to the community talks allot and has a good sense in humor But Basically He is Great Guy and i think he would be great as a admin because he is very kind and would be a great help to the community and would do great as a admin GOOD LUCK BBy :DDDD:D:D:D ARAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWRAWR
  9. add me on steam for trade

  10. You Brought it up and do i look like a owner? i cant take that away and plus their is already a thread about banning you anyway @Doge
  11. No thats wrong, cuz all you do is ban people for spamming wiht no warning's... and plus why would they not listen to me if im thier friend xD? im not a pussy. @Doge
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