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  1. It's a bug because when Gi was previously opened, you needed 6 players to gain points. It should be obvious that if only 2 players are needed it is extremely easy to abuse it and quickly gain points.
  2. Bug: You gain points with only 2 players on the server from killing, bomb plants, etc. and this could be used to farm points. recommendation: Ignoring spectators, only earn points while 7-8+ people are online.
  3. if this doesn't make sense to you then I think you fall into the shit player category 0_0
  4. It's not a matter of the scope being annoying, rather it makes the game much easier. Adding no spread makes the good players insane and the horrible players hit random shit they shouldn't.
  5. Greetings my malanos, resantly ma cs;go ben sayin (app running( when i don even hav gaym open! i tryd retsarting, reinstalling csgo, aNd restarting steam. nutn working, send help plesae Any ideas? ty
  6. marco

    Broken Map

    A map on mg made it impossible/difficult to join. mg_speedrace_reborn lag Not sure what the reasoning on it is. A removal is most likely needed.
  7. marco


    It was detected and console banned you. doesn't make sense why to cheat in a community server. How am I supposed to kill you for those ez points now that ur banned ;-;;. gl with the appeal
  8. @Simington I'm not saying I completely disagree with you, but modifying the points taken from higher players won't make it completely unfair, the point we are trying to make is that there seems to be NO limit. There might but but I haven't seen it yet. The most amount of points I've lost in one kill is 32 and I feel that's way to much considering that's 1/2, to 1/4 of a average game for me. Imagine: A experienced player who just got global decides to quit comp because he made it to the top already. He had previous experience with bhop and kz, so he is flat out a god at the game in general. Because hes NEW to the server and hes good at the game, I feel it doesn't make sense for him to take 20 points in one gun kill. If hes already a experienced player, him being deranked in the server only makes it way harder for anybody above him. Even people in the top 50 will get points around 5-18 taken away. The limit needs to be added, or lower than 32. I could give many more examples but I feel like I made my point.
  9. For the people who don't know how the ranking system works: If I kill one person with a gun: 2 points If I kill one person with knife: 4 points If I kill one person with zeus: 4 points -------------------------------------------------------------------------- If a NEW PLAYER kills me with a gun: 11-15+ points If a NEW PLAYER kills me with a knife: 25-30+ points If a NEW PLAYER kills me with a zeus: 25-30+ points -------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you can see, If I play the whole game, going 30/0, I only get ~70 points, and if somebody kills me once, I lose about 4-5 rounds of the game assuming that I got 2 kills per round. So for me to rank up AT ALL, I need to get a close to flawless game. Every ranking system isn't perfect, but it'd be cool if there were some small modifications with the plugin. I'm not experienced with coding and etc so I have no idea how hard it would to do that. Sidenote: Me being in the top 3 on top, I lose many more points than a casual player not caring about points. So be aware, not all the point gain and loss numbers I said, might not match up with you. Added note, I didn't add bomb plants because not every map has them.
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