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  1. Ban Appeal

    i ws bned 4 2 week but i swear it wasnt not scripts, i was spaming my jumping bar. i want to play ttt plz unban rn ty ily chev *kiss kiss* il gl clan is my favorit clan
  2. Cya

    ez Droppin' like flies ^That was a joke chill tf out
  3. Activity

    Just saw you as an example
  4. Activity

    I've collected and created a table on the activity of Gi staff members in csgo. I feel this really shows the dedication the people who actually benefit the community by being there. Opinions? In my opinion, people under 20 Hours is an extreme example of inactivity, and needs to be addressed between Chev and the staff member. Although some of the jobs of the staff arent to watch over a server, some aren't doing the job that they volunteered for. For example, considering CrustyBuns has 1.1Hrs, it is clear that he isn't doing his job as an officer because of his inactivity. Data collected, 2/19/18 11PM EST
  5. Adding timers to the course maps would be cool. Nothing else to add. thoughts? Not sure on replays and shit it'd be cool for there to be an objective to course maps other than just doing them.
  6. rtv glitch

    Even if people were loading in, I waiting for so long. Lower the required amount of people despite. The whole server doesn't have to agree to change it. If it HAS to be 1/1 to change the map and theres that one person who wont change it, its shitty.
  7. rtv glitch

    I took it after everybody left.
  8. rtv glitch

    @Chevalier It took me about 10 minutes to finalize all the screenshots and post it. This has happen on multiple different occasions. This is why the bhop server is so dead all the time, stop ignoring it. This glitch makes it so the only way to switch from a shitty map is waiting it out. At the time nobody was in spec and even over time after the whole server left because they couldn't rtv, the number of required votes stayed above the people in the server. It is a glitch and needs to be fixed asap
  9. rtv glitch

    -bug- The required amount of people to vote to change the map is more than the amount of people in the server. Example: 3 Players in server. 6 votes required
  10. Master Gaurdian Elite your non-existant dick

  11. The current tag required to be an admin and to gain more credits on GiClan is "GiClan |". I think it'd be cool for there to be different options for your tag. This could benefit people with longer names. Gi Gi | any other ideas for tags?
  12. Greetings my malanos, resantly ma cs;go ben sayin (app running( when i don even hav gaym open! i tryd retsarting, reinstalling csgo, aNd restarting steam. nutn working, send help plesae Any ideas? ty

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