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  1. STEAM NAME: MeowKat. STEAM ID: STEAM_0:1:9862643 / http://steamcommunity.com/id/MeowKat WHICH SERVER(S) DO YOU PLAY ON?: AWP:RPG, Surf:RPG & CS:GO BHOP WHAT SERVER AM I APPLYING FOR?: CS:GO BHOP DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME?: Yes I have one and I use it. WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR A POSITION?: I've been wanting to apply for the CS:GO BHOP server ever since Chev released the new timer, lately I've been spending a lot more time on there to just relax and chat with people along with doing something I like. I already like admining for Surf and AWP RPG, so I would like to continue to help out the community/admins here. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & APPLY THEM?: I know the rules and I apply/inform them to people when needed. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GiCLAN? (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS): I think probably 2 years now? I'm getting older dad times heckin flying. DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE GiCLAN IN YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES?: I do and I already rock it :^). DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL?: Of course. DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANYTIME?: Yes.
  2. MeowKat


    Goodbye my little potato.
  3. I just wanted to put my say into the speed thing, but I wasn't there that day to spec. So I shall not say anymore.
  4. Spawn protection times I feel like are too short at times on some maps, and half the server dies within the first 5 seconds mostly on maps such as ski and 4fun. If they can get tweaked by like 1 or 2 more seconds on those maps specifically or overall it would be nice.
  5. As I said as well, as long if you hit perfect hops, and I think there isn't many longjump levels on surf? Oh well, the main point post of this is if he was scripting or macroing.
  6. The only thing I could say about this is you don't have to strafe to gain speed at all if you have longjump, because if you hit a perfect hop with longjump you will gain whatever amount of velocity the upgrade gives. But idk anything about scripting or macros on this boyo haven't watched him enough.
  7. +1 Dennis has come a long way to get where he is now, recently he's has been active on the forums typing out the old bibles like the old admins we used to have. He has been very active with the servers lately and he's 100x a better admin than he was before. I can see how much he loves the community and willing to go even further into the admin chain to watch over and show newer admins the way how things work and to be dealt with. I really like Dennis he's a nice chill guy to talk to and just have fun with, always has been. I personally think he would be another great Supervisor to have on the servers.
  8. Problem with finding active players for admin on surf rpg is 90% of the people on that server are toxic as living shit and just promote it. I can only ever be on there for so long to do stuff about it, then people complain and start mic spamming and then I have to mute them and then It just keeps going.
  9. +1 Peanut has been here for a long time and is a very nice and chill person. I'd love to see him as an admin.
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