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  1. You gon act like a bitch, you gon get banned a like a bitch nigga
  2. Get me unbanned

    Considering that you have a past of complaints makes me "wary". Plenty of people get falsely banned for walls because of the new glowing feature which sometimes makes players glow even when they are not AFK. Mentioning me insulting you has nothing to do with sebastien, but you decided to add that in to make me seem bad and be a baby. Other admins have even said that you are not active enough and have received many complaints from players. Please explain the situation of why you banned him instead of attempting to defend yourself by attacking me and meowkat. Thanks
  3. Get me unbanned

    Even though sebastien failed to use the format, he shouldnt have even been banned in the first place. Dennis claims that he was walking and flicked to someone through a wall while 2 other admins were watching (Manuel and epic) last time I checked, Manuel wasn't an admin and I've already spoken to epic on the subject and he even told me that he has no idea what I was talking about and didn't even know that sebastien was banned. Not only did Dennis have no reason or no evidence to ban him but he has already had complaints from multiple players to other admins. Sebastien is innocent and should be unbanned.
  4. Wish's Ban Appeal

    You both are autistic
  5. Bax...

    Top of the line administration
  6. Week ban by Bax

    Relax before ya really get banned
  7. Week ban by Bax

    Top of the line administration
  8. Even though I vaguely remember that this isn't even close to what really happen, it's been a while and you've probably grown up from being an ignorant little kid.
  9. But you didn't know that it couldn't be fixed 🤷🏽‍♂️
  10. It's a CSGO issue, there's no fix but when it happens just type "retry" in console.
  11. Resignation

    You didn't put a quote in for me you stupid idiot
  12. Updated with video.
  13. YOUR STEAM ID STEAM_0:0:156082911 - GiClan | Dizzy STEAM ID OF USER(s) YOU ARE REPORTING STEAM_0:0:203472082 - Baby LifeForce STEAM_0:0:47129978 - JimmyJams SERVER THAT THE SITUATION OCCURRED ON AND DATE OF OFFENSE GiClan ScoutsKnivez - 6/11/2017 - About 11:15pm FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT OCCURRED Just two idiots being toxic delaying the rounds whenever they were the last ones alive. ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM (Chat Logs, Screen Shots, Videos)

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