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  1. +1 He is a very good admin on deathrun, and i think he'll be a good fit GL
  2. +! He is very well deserved for this position as he always enforces the rules in deathrun GL bro!
  3. I never see him on, and I have never seen him try to help someone, with commands and other things in the server. -1
  4. Big -1 for me, spammed 10 posts in 1 hour, and terrible explanations
  5. I have purchased the Jake the Dog high tier mask/hat, that was 16000 credits and I asked people what it looked like, and they said its all black and they restarted csgo and they said it still is black (some can see it). Any way this can be fixed, because if not it was a waste of credits.
  6. Welcome to the community!
  7. This could go both ways. If there is less than 5 players on, and there are people spectating, the map wouldn't change, which would make people mad
  8. understandable, trying to start fresh. All I have been doing In the GiClan community is been helping out, hopefully you understand

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