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  1. The following Maps have been changed with these settings mg_escape_castle_v3_fix ~ Fixed mg_gavle_course_beta_v3 ~ Fixed mg_gumobstacle_csgo_v2 ~ Fixed mg_house_course_v3 ~ Removed map mg_jacs_multigame_r ~ Removed map mg_knife_multi_csgo ~ Removed bhop mg_krane_multigames_v_0_7 ~ Removed map mg_awp_multigames_csgo ~ Removed map mg_dans_course_remaster ~ Removed map mg_desert_tower_1_practice ~ Removed map mg_hellz_multigame_fix ~ Removed map mg_hoejhus_by_Argento ~ Removed map mg_neon_climb_2 ~ Removed map mg_pauls_smash_reborn ~ Removed map mg_reaprs_troll_course ~ Removed map mg_ski_mountain_dev_csgo2 ~ Removed map mg_swamplandv5 ~ Removed map mg_Wreknez_multigames_v3_fix ~ Removed Map
  2. This report case is now closed This report case has been officially closed and fully resolved. If you have any more concerns, please private message an admin. Thank you for the report, have a wonderful day!
  3. I'll be reworking the permissions for VIP and taking against za1d for this. Thanks for the report.
  4. Vote up above for the next server you guys would like to see brought back!
  5. Shawn

    Kirby unban appeal

    In the wise words of my ban "Fuck off".
  6. Makes a face reveal thread and doesn't post face *cough* Faggot *cough*
  7. Shawn

    Uh, hey?

    I have arrived
  8. Yeah it's called he doesn't play on GI cause he moved on to My servers when we released.
  9. Shawn

    Le memer

    Hello, I am Shawn. Co-Owner of GiClan and Owner/Founder of Coclan. See ya on the forums kid.
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