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  1. i was just watching some old youtube videos and it reminded me of the old days. good to see some of the og players are still kicking
  2. @Abzu @Chevalier @boxchan Believe what you want, I can't do anything about it now.
  3. I didn't think I would be stopping any time soon, but things have changed. I was proud of myself, being on deathrun every day for a while, and having maybe even a tiny chance at getting admin, but I'm just done right now. I let a close friend of mine borrow my account for 2 days while I went to visit my dad and I came back to having my account vac banned. I lost all my shit and can't do anything about it. I have another account, if you want to still play. It's /id/freecompensation. It was fun while it lasted, I'll try to come back soon. s/o to @boxchan for being a real nigga even though he acted like he never cared. s/o to @Husky for being a dope ass person in general. Gl on the app. s/o to @Skyler for helping me with everything. Bye :'(
  4. This was beautiful... Shed tear for fallen trick shotters..
  5. Big troll, inactive as fuck, and all around unreliable when it comes to being an admin. -1
  6. Husky is a very mature and responsible player. He doesn't let disrespectful comments get him hot headed, and he applies the rules very well. I believe Husky would make a great admin. +1
  7. You've been with GiClan for over a year? I'm surprised you weren't thrown into a deep depression due to people making fun of you for being 12.
  8. Okay frost there's no need to go full weeaboo on me. the fact that you typed all of that out and didn't even mention the tiddies makes me think you really do want a piece of my booty hole.
  9. If you're into weeb shit, then you should watch K. It's on Netflix and it's about magic, kings, and a sexy naked neko girl.
  10. Earlier today, in the deathrun server, the players and I experienced some strange things happening with the endings in dr_minecraft. To my vision, the only ending that isn't broken is old. The ak47 trap is normal for a couple seconds, and then the T is trapped in sand, and sometimes cannot be killed. In the wood ending trap the T is placed inside of a transparent box, and the T cannot be killed, nor can it move. And finally, in the last ending, which should kill the T when activated, doesn't kill the T. I hope all of these problems can be fixed soon, as this is a somewhat popular map on the deathrun server.
  11. Frost is such a cutie. If you don't agree then you are blind.
  12. Peachy is a very uplifting and enthusiastic person that always finds a way to turn a bad situation into a positive. Overall, I think Peachy would make a great part of the team, and an amazing admin. +1 from me.
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