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  1. been here for a long time and no regrets staying to the end. we had some bad times, but glad to have met anyone on this server. good luck in the selling, hope it all goes well. for anyone else, hope we can see each other in a different server one day :]
  2. You can apply for more than one server at a time now?
  3. Can't rtv bug

    Must be because of spectators? Anyone in spectator when you guys are rtving? Would lower the percentage needed to RTV either way since it's like 75% of the server needed.
  4. Always glad to see old players from GI still be alive. Hope we can reunite our old DR community once more one day.
  5. oh shit, i skimmed over this lmao. maps pretty bland with not much room to surf other then the spawn boosters. lots of camping in secrets too. easy for point farming though :].
  6. At this point, can we ban him? Thanks.
  7. Cons: While a respectful player in chat, hardly ever uses mic [but as he stated himself, he will be willingly to use it more often]. Pros: Has been with GI for a long period of time Well respected and great player Knows the rules Seen on a daily basis [from my view] Conclusion: Night seems like a perfect fit for being admin. With only about one true combat surf admin [excluding globals], combat surf needs attention, especially with an increase of hackers. Definitely deserves a shot. +1
  8. Admins?

    As stated in many other similar topics, get good community players to apply. The owners and globals don't just deny admin applications because we have admins, it's because they don't believe in how well they could truly handle the servers. There is a lot more to being admin then just banning players. While I agree on the cheaters becoming a hassle, GI has great staff, but inactive. This is the only complain I have within the staff community, but from the reasons I've been given, I understand why (most are just because of school activities). TLDR: Get good and respectful people to apply for admins.
  9. Shouldn't be the case. We already had a fix to make the map played on to be played later (making it 3~5 maps before going back on it). Something is wrong then @Chevalier
  10. Server already has a cool down. While I'm not sure how many maps till the map can be played again (3~5 is my best guess), this is something that can't be fixed with the server. Sure you can make the server go through even more maps than what it is at its current state, but this could result in backlash (choosing broken maps, less players from maps no one knows about, etc.). This is all community based as GI and CO have one of the biggest beginner players on here. Elaborate on this idea more and I'll come support it.
  11. Knew it was coming soon from our previous talks. Hands down, one of the best admins introduced to GI and CO. Thank you for everything Nick, hope time does you well im saying this but we're still going to talk all the time l m a o. Glad to see your caring about your mental/health a lot more, I wish you the best.
  12. +1 Without a doubt in my mind, Kitty definitely deserves to be Officer. While it doesn't bring much at all, it's a great motivation to keep on being an admin. I'm glad you are still playing and even want to help GI grow still, kudos to you.
  13. Definitely cheating, but you should really grab the guys profile or steamID as it's all up to the owner, @Chevalier , to go back and find his ID.
  14. I let you slide by...
  15. Inactivity

    Understand sir. Go get that raise so I can buy my car.
  16. Honestly, wasn't expecting this, but I understand. It was always great to see you on the servers and you were a great admin. I'll miss you pal, hopefully we can still grind some CS one day.
  17. Maps

    This thread was created on April 3, 2017. I'm pretty sure the new timer and the new server for bhop wasn't even out during this time and thus resulting in Taz finding maps to implement (as I'm pretty sure he ran every map when he was bhop admin). If I'm wrong about the time of the timer, sorry.
  18. Kz issues.

    Extremely late on this one, but if you don't already know, special characters in your name don't record your scores! Might have found this out already because your name is now "Ghostyy", but I'm gay and need my posts up.
  19. This is like, a few days late, but whatever. As @GiClan | Kitty ♥ stated, the video is god awful quality and can't even see what the fuck is happening, but if you see the chat in the first seconds, I was there during the incident. - The kid was constantly mic spamming, even after the video. - He's done this for days. You can't really "mute" him though as you didn't even provide a SteamID or his profile URL. This report is a big waste unless someone wants to go out of their way and hunt this guy down.
  20. Maps

    taz told me to bump this
  21. Haven't been on a while so I couldn't reply, but sad to see you step down as well. I hope you the best with life pal.
  22. so it's been a year since i resigned last time and i think its time again lmfao. games getting boring and hurting me physically and i don't think i'll last much longer if i keep playing this. also school starting with college classes so i'll have to actually study. also i don't feel useful enough half the time, so this a bye see you on the servers thank you messages: @bax even after resigning, we always memed with each other, thanks for being there pal. now go apply again @Chevalier have to say a big thanks to the big man who made me admin again. while we didn't see eye to half the time, your server and community have made me grown and i can never forget the experience, thank you and good luck with gi cl: i cant find your tag, but i cant wait to see pubgo release. keep on making shit for gi, always loved your plugins (even the ones that didnt make it) Dennis: i cant find your tag either (big gay), but thanks for stepping up as a global after bax's resignation. i know you'll lead gi into great things. love ya big boi dennIs @Simington even though your on vacation again (i think?) and you were for like half of the year, you were a great global and can be again if you fucking hopped on. like holy shit you fuc- anyways, while you bully the shit out of me, it was always fun with you. i've been with you since day 1 of deathrun and i can not be greater to still have you as a friend, love you alex @GiClan | Nico: i don't think we knew each other that well at the beginning and probs disliked each other quite a bit actually, but we've both grown and i can safely say that you are a great friend and i could not ask anything more from you. we've had talks ranging from serious to memeing and they've all been wonderful. don't lose our big heart on snapchat or i break ur heart no homo i mean. i hope to see that actual global tag one day for you! hope to see you do great things with gi and co, keep the dream happening. big thanks to the rest of the staff members and the players, none of this could have happened with you guys (also if you didnt make it, its because im gay and no other excuse, ily deeply though).

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