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  1. still here, kicking - cat.
  2. misplays


    In due time.
  3. Can't wait to resign in a few months.
  4. misplays


    about to kiss you all god damn y'all cute
  5. +1 I don't know how long MeowKat has been admin for, but I know for sure he's been with GI staff and player wise for a long period of time. He's always helping those who need help and is active on the servers he has admin on currently. Good luck with your app ;)!
  6. notice how many of them come from deathrun, fuck ;`(
  7. I want to update this because it seems pointless to make another topic, so I'll put a post here. I'll be inactive starting today for a couple of days due to new years and getting used to my new semester schedule once school comes back. See ya then!
  8. misplays


    I remember the days we used to play together while we were both admin, shit was great. Sad to see you go Spuddy, you've been an admin for quite some time now and it always saddens me to see old admins leave, but I know you'll be better. Hope to see you hop on couple of times and remember, my PMs are always open if you want to play something, best of luck Spuddy <3.
  9. I already knew something of this sort was happening behind the scenes, just didn't believe this was it. Any whom, it was a pleasure teaching and playing with you guys on GI. Rest assured, if you still want to do shit together, my PMs are always open. Wish you guys the best on what you do next :).
  10. The elevator is now fixed + spawn protection is better now, thank you.
  11. - Stated before in a previous thread, add back !shuffle. - Lower the spawn protection back to what ever it was (I believe 5s). No reason why it was changed unexpectedly. - Fix all SKI maps. Going up the elevator can make you get stuck in the wall (top of the elevator). Also, the window on the elevator stutters you out which never happened before the glitching elevator. (Image attached) - Counter-fix to the suggestion above would be allowing players to receive invincibility after being teleported with admins as well. It's very frustrating to try and help someone out just to die or the player dying right after being help. - Add the ability to turn beacon noises off/on. Don't know if this achievable, but if it is, desperately needed. - Re-add TP (third person). This was never a problem and again like the spawn protection, was never asked to be changed. - Get old Bax back. Best regards, pussy slayer 123.
  12. Erased was amazing. Don't watch Familiar of Zero, that shit is a ripoff of harry the fucking potter.
  13. AFK + campers glow on every server. As for the suggestion, @Chevalier has already introduced a plugin (still buggy and being fixed), but for now that's what he's going for.
  14. ye i think the skip is dope too. Honestly, while we're bringing up the subject of matter of skins from other servers, why is that? Certain models are only available to certain servers, someone hit me up with some mad facts on why that is!
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