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  1. @meep I did make it myself and I wanted to make a new one for the new year, but I'm probably too lazy to make one for other people but might be a possibility ;). Also for the second logo thing, should I use a new font and make the W smaller so all of it fits or should parts of it be cut off because the splatter thing?
  2. I was trying to look for a decent font for the W but got lazy, gave up and chose that one...
  3. This is probably only for now, since people are getting back into school or something idk.
  4. My thoughts: - Half of the server was trying to voteban him when I joined. - He was accused of micspamming - Cat. said I should give him atleast 1 warning for being a nuisance. - I didn't even talk with my mic. I understand that this is a bad joke but might as well look good while doing it idk....
  5. My thoughts of tanker: - Haven't seen him on alot. Only seen him once or twice. (might be because I usually go ingame during weekends) -Whenever he is on, I don't really remember him talking to anyone (I might just be dumb and not remember). As of right now I will give tanker a -1. Of course my thoughts and opinions about tanker can change as long I see him online more.
  6. +1 Abzu has been a great person to talk to and play with on mg. He deals with problems in the server by informing admins and probably telling the trouble maker to stop. When people used to play on ttt, abzu was able to manage the server. Good luck Mr. Furry
  7. My computer is probably too much of a potato to play these games...
  8. My last day of school is the 21st ;-;
  9. Any way if you false ban someone, they can always make an appeal to correct your mistakes or something. Also before I was admin, I was scammed 10 credits, so I called meep over (yes, it's a bitchy move). Things happened, I got the credits but the person named "scrappy" or something said they did the same thing on the combat surf server. (Not sure if it was Giclan's server lmao) But meep perm banned the kid... so yea not sure what I'm trying to say at this point...
  10. If za1d is playing on his "smurf" account wouldn't he just have more hours than his main by now, anyway why dafuq doesn't he just use his "main" on mg to prove himself.
  11. Yea get on minigames it's a great server to go too :^).
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