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  1. It was very fun while it lasted. Thank you for giving us all of the great servers and the amazing staff team you have created to make this one of the most memorable servers in my csgo life time.
  2. Banned

    I'm not sure what you mean by even though you said unless you mean you were playing music to yourself
  3. You were and still is a great friend to me, also you had me worried when you said "bye wet" even waaay before I resigned or other people did. Hope life treats you well!
  4. Welp I guess this was going to happen sooner or later. I am resigning. I don't have much to say other than thank you chev and everyone for welcoming me into the community. It has been a great year playing with everyone. Me resigning doesn't mean I won't be playing on Gi anymore, it just means I just don't want to continue having the responsibility of taking care of a server (as if I ever took care of it well). Also playing CS:GO for about 1600 hours has caught up to me kinda. Sorry if this post isn't as fancy as all of the other resign posts with all of the quotes and messages to each of everyone of you, mainly because I don't really remember of the moments we shared, but I only know that I had a good time. Best wishes to all of you Sincerely, Wetfireball PS, neeon if you want your mg credits and model back just ask.
  5. uhh it would be a good idea to add a reason to that +1 btw @GiClan | Asriel
  6. Resigning

    aw geez bye Obaeez. Hope college goes well for you.
  7. It's that time of the year and I'm going to pull a simington by going on vacation to the Philippines starting on June 29 to (possibly) July 22. I might attend admin meetings if I have wifi and I actually know what time to come. cya pls dont demote me
  8. nah the kill zone is more funny
  9. also people can get on top of the big truck at t spawn then jump into the blue dumpster. Prg solved that by having a kill zone inside
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/id/Wetfireball/ Put me in coach don't worry I posted this on time
  11. STEAM NAME: GiClan | Wetfireball STEAM ID or ID 64: STEAM_0:1:88730790 AGE: 14 (Turning 15 on the 24th) WHY DID YOU CHOOSE GICLAN OVER ANY OTHER CLAN? : Since I actually made friends here that remember me. WHICH SERVER(S) DO YOU PLAY ON? (CSS or CSGO): Minigames (CSGO), Deagle (CSGO) WHAT SERVER ARE YOU APPLYING FOR (CSS or CSGO)? : Deagle Server (CSGO) DO YOU HAVE A MIC? DO YOU USE IT IN GAME? : I do own a "mic" but I rather not use it. WHY ARE YOU APPLYING FOR A POSITION? : I've been a part of Gi for a while and I wanted to support it even more by being admin on the newest server. HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW THE RULES & HOW OFTEN APPLY THEM? : I know all the rules and I apply them when it is needed. HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH GICLAN? (INCLUDING YOUR ALTS) : For sure 1 year now and maybe 2 if I want to talk about my awp days idk. ADDITIONAL INFO WE SHOULD KNOW ABOUT? : Made many farms in the minecraft server so I'm useful. DO YOU OBLIGE TO HAVE GICLAN IN YOUR NAME AT ALL TIMES? : Yes DO YOU OBLIGE TO OBEY OUR RULES AT ALL TIMES & STAY HONEST TO YOUR MEMBERS, TEAMMATES & COUNCIL? : Yes DO YOU ACCEPT THE FACT THAT YOU CAN BE BANNED PERMANENTLY FOR ABANDONING, MISUSING, TROLLING OR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOUR POWERS AT ANY TIME? : Yes
  12. Lmao 3 is going to make me look like a leech or spy on prg

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