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  1. I don't have much to say that hasn't already been said but I would just like to thank you all for all the fun times and I'll definitely miss the good ol times of playing on ttt in 2017 and MG.
  2. https://steamcommunity.com/id/iBurnToasters/ thou aret i PS: im dmg in wingman
  3. Pros: * Has experience as an admin and on a specific deagle server * Enforces the rules * Doesn't break any rules * Active Cons: * Can't hear shit (like fr fireball turn up your volume you can't tell whether people are earraping or not) * No mic Conclusion: For the time being, I see no reason why fireball shoudn't be admin and how it could negatively impact the servers. So for right now it's a... +1 (keep in mind, this doesn't mean you can fuck around since you got two +1s, so my conclusion could easily change into Neutral or -1, please keep making wise decisions after this)
  4. Resignation

    I know we hated each other a lot at some points, but it was always fun playing with you on any server like ze. This hit me just as hard (if not harder) as rp Dx. Best of luck in your future and please don't disappear rp. -PS: Don't worry, the best 14 yr old ttt officer (me dummy) will take care of the servers and hopefully start putting ttt and mg back into to speed since im currently working on getting mg poppin rn and when its summer for me ttt. (If there is a point where you have no clue what im saying in this post, shutup. im 14 what do you expect, no spellng arrors? xd) -PSPS: don't worry I'll never burn the generic weeb skin. ima just sell it. one day. yeah. mhmmm. yeah.
  5. At least you made a topic about it. Can't wait to see you back on minigames and have fun traveling or something I guess .-.
  6. -1 Friendly Sometimes enforces the rules You may enforce the rules sometimes, but you are also known to micspam and breaking the rules sometimes I know you have depression, and I can understand that. But I don't think we need an admin that will just abandon gi for an extensive amount of time. Try to work on these and I might change my mind Good Luck
  7. -1 Decently Active Friendly I never even see you inform people about the rules and you don't enforce them I also feel like your activity has dropped recently though Sorry, but for right now I don't think you're fit for admin Good luck - Neeon
  8. -1 Sorry, but I haven't seen you on recently and I don't think we need more inactive admins (correct me if im wrong about your activity) For the times when I see you on, I can either hear you screaming or micspamming I never see you give attention to the rules (which makes me think you don't even know some of them) And you've been banned for abusing your rank already. This just makes me think that if you get admin, you'll just be abusing it *Improve on your actions and I will gladly change my decision* Good luck! - Neeon
  9. rip rp You will always be remembered as that one supervisor that got roasted by an 8 year old.
  10. Zombie escape: OFFICER neeon
  11. @Frostuse my format frost omylord = gucci = el guci = buy me
  12. = gucci = el guci = buy me if you have friends with money $$$ - Stick Fight: The Game, Golf With Your Friends, L4D2 gucci game - CS:GO, H1Z1 since you 2 p0r 4 pubg, Rainbow, and osu! is fwee beast - Minecraft.

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