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  1. Electric Boogaloo bhop_adi_stonywoody download bhop_around download bhop_blueglow download bhop_floccidrift download bhop_greengl0w download bhop_greenglow download bhop_impatience download bhop_monument_valley download bhop_not_a_defrag_map download bhop_nup2_css download bhop_redglow_fix download bhop_treehouse4 download bhop_whiteglow download kz_bhop_eazy download kz_bhop_inception download kz_bhop_proxy_null download I don't remember how i formatted it before so if there is a problem let me know.
  2. The anticheats set in place have not been working since changing to the newer timer so some maps like arcane have impossible records. I was wondering if i could have timer commands again to fix such issues.
  3. recorded demo of bhop_woody lg wr that he used the autostrafer. Ill ban if I catch him on server unless otherwise stated. luxor.dem
  4. Just went on to check it out, it is easier than it was previously.
  5. @Xines That map is already in the CS:S server.
  6. That's really cool that the oldforums pages exist I'm gonna update the post with maps I missed.
  7. Welp, looks like its time to compile a list for css maps, sorry in advance if any are already on server I've lost count of what is there and what isnt. I also don't remember what was suggested before new forums so rip. bhop_tramadol Page Download bhop_scape Page Download bhop_iconic Page Download bhop_alien_ruins_css Page Download bhop_gunoi Page Download bhop_morose Page Download bhop_mult Page Download bhop_epoch Page Download bhop_glxy Page Download bhop_coast Page Download bhop_fuji Page Download bhop_velstand Page Download bhop_lost_temple Page Download bhop_apathy Page Download bhop_midnight Page Download bhop_nature Page Download bhop_sanctuary Page Download bhop_pure Page Download bhop_safehaven Page Download bhop_serenity Page Download bhop_collective Page Download bhop_Y Page Download bhop_Z Page Download bhop_fahst Download bhop_zelda_stone_tower_a2 Download bhop_shitper_3 Download bhop_sandtrap Download bhop_po6 Download bhop_qwerty Download bhop_crash_egypt Download bhop_strafe_winter Download

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