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  1. I'm pretty sure this was on GI before (like a long time ago), must have been a problem but it would be nice to see this on drun as well.
  2. he pulled the old switcheroo on you !
  3. ill miss you daddio hopefully now you will have enough time to try steak
  4. @reality you did a +1 I hope you realize, looks like you meant a - instead
  5. At first I thought the other aqua (nameless) was applying since he plays on drun, but I have never seen you on deathrun, let alone talk on the server. -1
  6. nice one @Doge you fucking moron your good @TaZZ I'm admin currently on deathrun, applying for officer rn @jon2.0
  7. Stop gang banging the guy for one thing he did. He wants to be admin and did what he needed to do. Yes he did go a little trigger happy on forums, but that should not be the determining factor for whether or not he becomes an admin. It would be sad to see him get denied for commenting on forums too quickly when he can turn out to be a great admin. There is no need for him to "get to know the community on the forums" when he is solely trying to get admin @TaZZ. Not gonna rep because I don't really know him yet, but gl on the app.
  8. STEAM NAME GiClan | Sam STEAM ID OR STEAM PROFILE LINK http://steamcommunity.com/id/fapology WHICH SERVER(s) ARE YOU AN ADMIN ON? Deathrun HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN AN ADMIN ON THAT SERVER? Around 7 months WHY DO YOU WANT A HIGHER POSITION? I want a higher position because I have had a lot of experience as an admin and I think I am ready to move on to officer. HOW WELL DO YOU THINK YOU'VE APPLIED THE RULES? CAN YOU TEACH IT TO OTHERS? I apply the rules at all times on the server and always use the 3 step warning rule before giving out a punishment. When I am on the server, I try to make it a clean and friendly community for everyone. For new staff, or just members that are confused, I do my best to answer their questions about a rule or help the newer staff become more familiar with the rules and how to apply them to daily scenarios. HAVE THE OFFICER(S) OR SUPERVISOR(S) HELPED YOU? IF SO, WHICH? Yes they have. All of the higher staff have helped me from time to time whether it was about a certain scenario or just a general question. As of now, I know what to do with every situation I encounter and handle them respectfully. ADDITIONAL INFO (Not Required) My favorite color is blue >>>> NOTED: ONLY PLAYERS THAT ARE HIGHER POSITION THEN ME ON THE SERVER I'M APPLYING FOR CAN REP ME. <<<<
  9. get a nice ol' trail of some cocks following you
  10. hey guys use CODE: SAM50 for a free 50 credits on the server NOW!!! Win free and easy skins with the free credits! CODE: SAM50 GLGL
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