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  1. Sandshark you’re gay but you’re lucky i know you, ill unban you when i get the chance to.
  2. Well you cant be utterly useless to us, you have the time and dedication to play Gi and it wouldnt hurt to have “another” admin for combat surf as its poppin but i mean i dont know you too well but from the looks of it youre really determined to get this spot for now ill leave a +1
  3. So when can i discard this thread ecks dee re ratbag hasnt popped into the forums for over a month i doubt he still wants the position
  4. Josh: no! “cevor likes this”
  5. Youre more than welcome to provide any information that proves youre innocent
  6. Smac detected your movement to be perfect botlike jumps in order to gain consentant speed and in order for a ban to drop it would of been like 12 consistant perfect bhops in a row as for the “rare” no name i hop onto giclan with no name a lot and it doesnt affect anything
  7. Hittin him with that fat deny
  8. Holy fuck meep youre actually autistic im having a spazzism attack just reading the shit you post theres no reason for you to be replying to admin apps with I DUNNO WHO U R
  9. @baxbeing supervisor on bhop i had a lot of access to maps and shit like i could change whatever lmao but its really sensitive so i just leave it alone so i dont fuck the whole map up
  10. My guy this is for admins to get higher positions @Hot Anime Babe UwU Delete this thread and file an application in the right place and besides your app is very unprofessional mainly because its all one colour and not following templete.
  11. Ghost knifes are neat but if youre an admin for any RPG server like me its fun to just go around and left click knife oneshot people with damage 15 :^)
  12. It should be a session gag but if youre still gagged ill take care of it
  13. nico loves me with an infuriating hatred (stab stab poke)
  14. Awp needs more active admins for how many people we average daily its around 10ish and we dont have a large amount of staff, brendy has been doing well as a retakes admin getting on daily and ive watched him warn and punish people accordingly so I believe hes worthy of admin for awp hes well known in the awp community given a warm welcome by members when he joins and hes very friendly towards the community +1

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