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    that was very poor timing. Anyway cya bud
  2. Doge's Part : So, ive been thinking about this for a quite a while, and the only reason i haven't done it is because gi needed admins but right now its at 30 admin. I think its time after 8-9 months to resign. (also 750+ posts) I genuinely do not enjoy the servers anymore, the community has changed drastically. Deathrun doesnt get any players and combat surf is slowly losing players. Combat recently got blooe and i think him bax and cat are enough to control combat. my next reason would be the admin and server toxicity. I'm not gonna lie i was definitely a part of the toxicity but i have tried ending it. Just never really worked out because both parties were immature. I dont want to go into detail because i dont want to leave on a bad note. My exams are shortly coming up and i need to focus alot on my programming. As Chev already knows im struggling with it and need to raise my marks. im also thinking about getting a job and putting more than just a few hours a week working out. (my boy cat gave me the idea for this format) Special Thx to these people: @GiClan | Cat.: I Will always love you cat. you've been my personal favorite admin since i met you on deathrun, we'll still keep our big boy streak on snapchat and ill make fun of pimples <3. @Frost You're my second favorite nigger after cat. We've had our toxic parts but we'll always love each other on the lowkey. (btw him me up with those strafe hax) @tacooo Thx for the pubg duos and deathrun cancer we had together. will be in touch with you babe. @marco I use to dislike you for u know the reason. but you got alot more chill, helped me set up my discord. Also said no to a certain someone who asked you to raid it. <3 @TaZZ We haven't talked in a while. wtf? but we use to be pretty chill but i think you ded. anyway hmu for some pubg duos if im ever online and u know not killing my self with java. @shadow (u dont have an account but u'll see this) anyway i use to hate you at first because of you're annoying ass slam but we got pretty close and played a lot of combat. we have a streak on snapchat. keep that alive my d00d. @Neil Thx for the pubg matches and the video calls. will always love your sexy neck beard Sean. @Abzu loved the minecraft server you big furry. good luck with mg admin and all.\ @Shawn Thank you for letting me be a part of coclan staff team for a bit. @Chevalier A huge special thank you to you specially. We had very important talks late at night about our future and jobs. I wanna thank you letting me be a part of your great staff team. ive learned a lot as an admin that could help me in real life, the most important one would be the think before you talk. You've helped me plan out more of my future and i might start source mod, im not really sure. Anyways thank you for everything . <3 there is a lot more people i wanna thank, but they dont have a forums account and they use the forums. so if by any chance you're one of those people i'll hit you up on discord. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- He would make his own but you know, he is banned from posting for "changing tags" or "abusive behavior" sooo. here is his. Husky Okay so I've been thinking about resigning for a while know and I finally think that I should. I've been admin on deathrun & combat surf for a a couples months, deathrun being like 5-6 months and combat surf like a month or so, reasoning behind my resignation is that I've been getting bored of cs:go, I used to wake up and couldn't wait for me to get on combat surf and deathrun and playing with the friends I have made along the way, but it got boring after a while, and less and less people played, where eventually there are 0 people on most of the time. Also another reason why im resigning is that it seems like im getting hated on by many admins and getting blamed for bs reasons that I haven't done. I'd like thank some people that have helped and just has been a cool person ever since I became a admin. @Doge - has helped me a bunch when I first started of as a admin, helping me with commands and how I should handle situations and was the person who told me that I should apply for admin, also is a great bomber man friend @GiClan | Cat. - has helped me out with combat surf admin shit and is one of the best admins I know, he is very noice man to hooski :3 @Frost - Even tho u probably think u done nothing, but when I first joined the server u, lets say, u inspired me to become for admin, and also has beaten my and taco in a game of guess that anime opening with 164 points while me and taco both have 8... @tacooo - even tho we're not kinda friends anymore, u used to be one of my great friends when I first applied for admin, and I was the one who first to tell u to apply for admin. @Rose - Both got admin at the same time, and have been great friends ever since, great admin on surf rpg, keep it up rose @meep - joins combat surf once in a while, and is always "screaming down his mic", funny guy. @Chevalier - thanks for giving me a chance at being admin on two servers, I've made many friends along the way, and Its been great experience administrating over the two server for a while, tanks u.
  3. im pretty sure normal members can give them selves awards as well.
  4. Doge

    Ban appeal

    it was 2017
  5. ill get it. i have it on my xbox sasuke last edition combo spam here i come
  6. why didn't you say merry christmas to me?

  7. +1 Blooe has severely matured since his last app(s). He isnt as toxic. cant comment on activity bc i haven't seen him on that much bc i play a lot more co now. he is known with in the community and extremly well known with the admins. Good poem writer. (doesnt push players away.) good luck on your application and Merry Christmas.
  8. -1 I don't have much to -1 on you on because to be fair you have improved (ALOT) since you're last app on a few things so im going to talk about the things you need to improve on. your activity. if you look out ur last 2 weeks alone it will show your activity in our community. you're REAAALLY toxic on the forums,You're constantly bashing on people you dont even know . Sometimes in game from what ive seen. You're constantly bashing on people you dont even know
  9. Doge


    you have time to play pubg doe :^). Kappa Kappa. dont demote me dad
  10. good song choice +1

    1. Doge


      I like ur old song better

  11. again isnt this a map problem
  12. i'm not the only one complaining most players already know u can easily exploit that. thats why it was removed in the first place. and again non of these problems are 2 major that chev has to waste his time on
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