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  1. Thank you to everyone who made this server fun and a great experience throughout the years. Even though I haven't been active in over a year, I can still remember the good ole' days of GiClan Deathrun and AWP RPG. Thank you, Chev, for caring for the server and making it possible for all of this to happen.
  2. Deathrun: Polar (Admin) RIP...
  3. Hyped. Hopefully I will be able to stay active and not go MIA...again.
  4. I have come back to life.

  5. Deathrun I have met most of the people that I know today through DR, and it was the first server from GiClan that I played seriously.
  6. I'm back

    Hey guys, I have been inactive for the past 3-4 months due to some problems IRL, but they have been resolved and I will be playing on the server a lot more often. Hopefully I will see many of you around in either the Deathrun, AWP RPG, or Minigames server. If you want to add me, my steam link is here

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