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  1. You must think we’re retarded. You hopped on an alternate account with 1.7 hours, cheated, got banned, and tried getting back on with your main account. We have SourceSleuth, so if you get banned from our servers, your IP is blacklisted. Good job.
  2. I'm glad to have been part of this community, regardless of the few negative things that may have happened. Best of luck to you @Chevalier with all of your future endeavors, and thanks for everything. (:
  3. It’s people like you who the police don’t bother looking for when they go missing. Roasting the server and its resigned staff isn’t a viable +1 reason btw.
  4. There's no real reason to doing this. (total bullshit) But I will admit that I've worn myself out. I've stressed far too much over Co and Gi and need to move on before my health irl begins to deteriorate (it definitely already has lmfao). Huge thanks to @Chevalier and @Shawn for taking a chance with my stupid ass. I'm sorry for not living up to anyone's expectations. I'll try my best to still hop on from time to time, but I gotta get a hold of myself first before that happens. Bye. <3
  5. I didn't know having a personal life made me an un-dedicated player, when I still get on nearly every day. You're essentially saying that we need admins who have no lives and only play on the servers 24/7. That's just straight up not healthy lol.
  6. You’re going to need to rewrite this in a language I understand, buddy.
  7. It’s not easy when you’re staff on both Co and Gi and balance a personal life into it. If you wanna no-life the server because I’m supposedly never on, go for it, but you don’t have my discretion regardless.
  8. You're acting like what happens on GiClan doesn't happen on other community servers. It's not our fault the game is free-to-play and we consistently get flooded with cheaters exploiting this. Other servers who are just as or more populous get the same issues. Sadly, it's true that we don't have as many administrators as we'd like, but it's again not our fault that the only people who play on our servers set terrible examples of our community and drive away the mature players.
  9. Sadly, I mistook myself for seeing hope in Tyler becoming an admin. He's extremely two-faced, and it's dependent on whether or not I'm on. On many occasions when I've joined and hidden myself in spectator, Tyler (unsuspectingly) acts rather toxic and egocentric towards other players. Just today, he died to a rather good player (Ailey.), and claimed he "could destroy their life in 30 seconds." I don't know what exactly that elicits, but someone who reacts as immaturely as he did does not deserve a chance at admin. I regret suggesting him to apply. There are many other occasions that have occurred and that have been reported to me, but simply aren't necessary bringing up. I think this one instance is plenty of evidence, considering he made a threat towards another player, which is something an admin should never do. -1
  10. Banned

    We can play the good side to every person card all you want, but one has turned it into a vicious cycle. Ask any other administrator from CoClan, they'd agree that this kid spells nothing but trouble for anyone who slightly disagrees with him lmfao.
  11. Banned

    This guy caused serious problems on Co, got banned on there for the same reason, and migrated to Gi only to do it again, 200 IQ plays. There’s much more to what he said that justifies this, ask anyone from Co who he is, they’ll have a great story for you.
  12. I'll make sure this is taken care of when given the opportunity. Since the report came in a tad too late for the banning disconnected player's menu it's out of my hands. So he'll either have to log on again stupidly, or @Chevalier can take care of him via SourceMod. Thanks for the report.
  13. Yep, binded aimlock to a key. You could see in-game when he would press it and then return to moving his mouse when it didn’t lock on 100%. (Mainly on moving players.) Shit cheats with a shit effort at hiding them.
  14. There's a reports section, and you didn't include any of the alleged cheater's necessary information for us to do anything.

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