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  1. awp server but with rpg plugin so u can like upgrade urself
  2. combat surffffffffff
  3. also, he telecamps quite often
  4. YOUR STEAM ID STEAM_0:1:200375694 STEAM ID OF USER(s) YOU ARE REPORTING STEAM_0:1:119733285 SERVER THAT THE SITUATION OCCURRED ON AND DATE OF OFFENSE 9/30/2017, 9/29/2017. Combat Surf FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT OCCURRED Telecamping ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM (Chat Logs, Screen Shots, Videos) Counter-strike_Global_Offensive_09_30.2017_-_12_53_31_96.DVR_(online-video-cutter.com).mp4 Counter-strike_Global_Offensive_09_28.2017_-_18_01_59_83.DVR_(online-video-cutter.com)_(2).mp4
  5. +1 pretty active, follows rules, enforces rules, would be good admin.
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