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  1. Simple report, can't play the map as T side so maybe it's meant to be CT? Proof : https://i.imgur.com/lmJ0dNU.jpg
  2. Compiling a list of bugged maps that autoswitch when the first player loads in. If you want to help out and find others with the similar issues go ahead and comment. Scuffed Proof: https://i.imgur.com/wCyI5b0.jpg 1. mg_awp_submarine_v4csgo 2. mg_piratewars_2010_csgo
  3. I feel as though you still need more time before applying. Establish your name as a mature youngster like many others and help people out whenever they ask. Going to stay neutral on this one since I haven't been on that much in those 2 months.
  4. Agree with both sides of the party here; at the end of the day if a rule change has to considered in order to prevent these malicious attacks towards player then by all means push for the approval. We all come to Gi to enjoy the servers and the community but that doesn't stop some people from going the extra mile with shit. Just look what happened during that COD Swatting incident.. random dad got killed just trying to enjoy his time with his family. Would be disheartening to see that shit happen to people I've met in the community.
  5. Pourin' out a 40' oz for all the gone homies.
  6. +1, Don't know him on a personal level but the few times he joined MG he seemed like mature staff member.
  7. Same, wtf happened to him? He left us like a deadbeat dad
  8. Appreciate the grind that goes behind the scenes that provides endless hours of entertainment for others. Here's to another year booys. Shout out to the admins and staff that make this possible.
  9. +1 , Has experience as an admin on TTT, responded to everyone's messages when they asked for help (Officer material). Overall calm and collective and most importantly not toxic.
  10. Shaking my head.. no one recommended FMA Brotherhood or HxH? BAKAS! The whole lot of ya! - Death Parade ( psychological anime, short but sweet. You'll love this shit and it will open your perspective on life and get your tissues ready cause you'll tear t'f up especially during the suicide tour.) - Hunter x Hunter ( The Father of Naruto, hands down one of the best series I've seen that actually got me invested in every character that was on screen, shout out to my nigga Ikalgo he's my favorite character ) - FMA: Brotherhood ( Top tier anime with a good story line that ends with you thinking you're Aristotle since there's so much wisdom and thinking to do while following the story) - Prison School ( Ecchi, Funny) If you want some good laughs this one's good for that, watch the uncensored version though to get maximum giggles
  11. 1. Open a lemonade stand. 2. Make lemonade. 3. Lemonade turns to ice cause winter. 4. Sell Lemonade Icey's. 5. Profit

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