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  1. Banned

    This application has been discarded Sorry but your appeal has been discarded Please do not make another appeal or you will be punished, if we revise our decision it will be updated here. (most likely never) If you would like a unban, ungag or unmute, purchase HERE will remove the restriction instantly and benefits the community in the process
  2. Banned

    @onetheflying You've already made an appeal and it was denied: http://giclan.net/forums/topic/1674-banned/?tab=comments#comment-9033 please make sure to read more carefully next time I'd recommend purchasing an unban at this point: http://giclan.net/forums/topic/727-purchase-unban/ @Chevalier @GiClan | Dennis @Simington One of you close this please.
  3. Retakes Bug

    Sounds like a problem with the way the map loads in player spawns. Chev should be able to go in and fix the problem fairly easy if I'm not mistaken.
  4. @Flow You're missing a couple things: - Your Steam ID: - Any sufficient evidence to support your claim Unless there's enough flairs and SMAC alerts to validate your report then there's nothing we can do, I'd suggest recording next time.
  5. Banned

    @Chevalier @GiClan | Dennis @Simington can we have a high-up in on this?
  6. Banned

    you've been given chances time and time again to get your act together, and you never followed through from your multiple punishments on coclan. @onetheflying I don't know if you're a troll or what, but if you really want to bounce back from this and become a regular member on giclan (as this appeal instates) then you're going to have to seriously rethink some of your decisions and reflect on being a more tolerable person. @GiClan | Nico, I'm not sure if this guy has a particular grudge against you, but looking at how you make up 80% of his bans I'm willing to bet he's caused you a lot of trouble in the past. Maybe shorten his ban down to a few months or so and give him a little time to cool off? I don't know the full story so I may be completely out of line here (a little more context would help me understand better) but I don't think he should be permanently blocked from the community(s) over something this small.
  7. better off tryna popularize PUBGO, cya later babushka
  8. im not admin on the same servers you are and i barely know u but it's not like giclan can get any worse and who knows you may even benefit the community with your promotion +̸̤̯̤̜̘̋͑̿̀͒̽̎̌́̃̊͛́̄̇1̸̨̡̭̬̫͓̦͕̮̜̥̐ͅ
  9. Inactivity

    I recently got a job, along with school this takes up a lot of my free time, within the next few months hopefully I'll have some time to moderate the servers but for now, I'm limited to the weekends and really late at night.
  10. D3athAng3l appeal

    i sure do miss the "nice" admins that allow people to get away with cheating
  11. - no format - microsoft powerpoint presentation of a video - the most he's doing is just being annoying, this doesn't call for a report, just !sm or mute him through tab and be done with it - and racism / racial slurs are allowed unless taken to an offensive/aggressive extent (and as far as I can tell he wasn't attempting to do so in the video). @GiClan | Dennis close this thread please @Chevalier can i have my mod back nigga
  12. Maps

    doesn't bhop have like over 900+ maps or something crazy like that? and aren't like 40% still unplayed? lmao not questioning why, just wondering if it really needs more maps

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