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  1. Can't we enable prime on the server to reject f2p's just trying to come on to hack? We get a hacker everyday now and some people just refuse to use the voteban system for no reason.
  2. IGN: TurtleLover123 https://steamcommunity.com/id/iLikeTheMoist STEAMD ID: STEAM_1:0:196651809 He says dots are not cheats even though that was just a cover up for him using aimlock. Any time I wasn't spectating he was ending the round really quick with about no misses every time At the time when I had only suspected a dot, as I was spectating he immediatley went dead on to the target with a noscope, with no mouse jitter just a clean smooth straight line from where the cursor was and ended up. I did take a video but it is like 55mb, 27 seconds long. Furthermore, TurtleLover123 is constantly trying to get people onto his side about him not cheating/hacking
  3. Nice to see the admin was childish enough to name me under LeHackingFaggot shows some real maturity. And yes i've been looking back on my posts and I just wanted to go over some things that I'd like to give my response on after being away from this situation for awhile. Dulu - If you do not cheat, then you would not complain about you being banned for no reason, and would go about it like an adult, and not trash the server you are complaining that you got banned from, you really don't care by talking like this. Response: Yes I understand I was trashing the server and if was pretty childish even when I was trying to get unbanned but at the time I felt like I was doing everything I could and no one would believe me/trust. Chevalier - Correct. I don't see how he thinks with that approach anyone would want to help him and with this being said, time to throw this thread in the trash. Response: Yes and I totally agree I came off as someone who wanted to get unbanned and not at the same time, I try to keep a cool head but sometimes I just go off. Overall: Yes I have disrespected the server and I had no real intentions to do so, Giclan is a great community and really fun. And like I said a million times and is probably getting old, I will never intentionally get banned by using hacks or just being complete aids. If I had a job which I should I would be more than glad to donate and help out the server, and not just to get unbanned. I really miss noscoping with the awp in mid air, can't do it anywhere it else
  4. It is on CSGO from all Giclan servers
  5. STEAM NAME |LeProImmortal| STEAM PROFILE LINK AND STEAM ID https://steamcommunity.com/id/LeProImmortal/ and STEAM_1:1:46925537 FULL DETAIL OF THE SITUATION THAT YOU WERE BANNED FOR. Its your favorite person, months ago like Janruary - February I was banned for accusingly using aimbot, aim assist and or some kind of drawn on dot. There were 2 parts, the first time I got banned it was kind of out of nowhere so I then appealed to the forums and unfortunately got denied. I then decided it was unjust and tried talking to the admin himself which did not work out fairly well since he just mentioned the pay for unban which I do not think is right for the circumstances I was put under after days of talking to numerous people including Chevalier (probably the one to read this) I had finally gotten unbanned. I then hopped on the server pretty much right away because it is one of the main things I play to pass the time, as expected me being constantly spectated somewhat on and off and pretty sure the admin was also changing his name at times. I knew I was being watched but I just went with it and just enjoyed myself on the server. Few map rotations passed and surprisingly I was banned again but with video proof that is no longer available due to the owner removing it, and I did not make this ban appeal because of that. I made this ban appeal because I have decided to wait out months to make another ban appeal, I do not intend to give up this server due to unjust circumstances. Please take the time to think about this and possibly contact me on steam (I have you added Chevalier). ANY PROOF THAT SUPPORTS YOUR CLAIM (Chat Logs, Screen Shots, Videos) DO YOU PLEAD GUILTY TO THE REASONS OF YOUR BAN (Place an "✘" in one) [ ] Yes | No [ X ] Yes and no, mainly no because on my behalf I did not do anything to deserve this but also yes because I understand how hard it is for a server to be completely clean of hackers and by doing so they need to show no mercy or however you want to say it, even in real life the court is unjust its life.
  6. Should I try another ban appeal?
  7. Man, it's so boring not being able to play my favorite surf rpg server lmao all the other servers are deeeeaaadddd ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  8. Sorry for the poor quality of bleach :pepedance:

  9. How can one incriminate himself, when never doing anything bad in the first place? I guess one of the rules for giclan is not being able to be good?
  10. Yeah because I know where I stand, and i'm not going to keep begging to get unbanned. I want these people to realize the truth. Thank you for understanding my position even if its somewhat a little bit. I don't try to get unbanned for multiple hours just so I can hack again for 3 hours knowing an admin is spectating me the entire time.
  11. Wheres the rest of the video can you link it in here @Shawn
  12. Anyways I know the shitty admins here at giclan will never realize that I don't hack. Not going to waste my time again to try and get unbanned unfortunately you are all too fucking simple minded. All I know is that i'm the one on top basically too good for you guys. You guys do not think, I'm sure someone will spend 4 hours creating a forum and gathering proof and trying to get unbanned then get fucking banned again the next day it makes no sense with you shitty 14 year old admins. You guys can't even do overwatch on CSGO yet, fucking shame.
  13. Congratulations you can make a video of all my hits, with no misses. And all you do is give your opinion on my skill with the same admins determining the ban as well, top notch community admins. Seems like the type of person to get mad when someone else is better than them.

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