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Using our Services
We have full control of your account and if we feel that you're disobeying our rules and causing troubles within the community, we have all the rights to remove your paid services.
GiClan under no circumstance will provide a refund for a payment that was successfully applied to your account. If we encounter a chargeback we have the right to terminate your account activity.
Purchasing a product from GiClan states that you will comply with our Terms under any circumstance.

FAQ Questions

What do i get for VIP or GOLD?
Click on the product you want and a description will pop up.
When does the credits or donator perk(s) apply?
This will apply around 30-90 minutes after you purchase it. If not, be sure to message a giclan service representative.
Do you allow any refunds?
No we do not provide any refund(s).
What if i do a paypal chargeback?
We win all paypal chargeback claims and you're going to waste your time. We will also perm ban you from all GiClan servers.
Can i get my donator removed if i abuse?
If you cannot follow the rules as a donator, we have the right to remove your donation perks under any circumstance.
Am i allowed to upgrade from VIP to GOLD?
You can simply buy gold and it should rewrite your vip to gold.
Can i change my credits or donator perks to a new steam account?
We do not change and will not change which steam accounts are tied to the donator/credits payments.
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