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Found 6 results

  1. so i created a bhop map and i was wondering if there was a way to get it into your cs:s bhop server rotation. i might be an idiot and didnt see the tab. thanks in advance!
  2. Adding timers to the course maps would be cool. Nothing else to add. thoughts? Not sure on replays and shit it'd be cool for there to be an objective to course maps other than just doing them.
  3. Ramps do not work properly on GiClan Bhop servers. When jumping off of a downward sloped surface, the player should gain speed. On GiClan, it seems to be RNG and rarely works. Here is an example of ramps not functioning as they should. *note it is not exclusively this map*
  4. Racing

    I feel that a race command would really make the bhop server more enjoyable.
  5. I have noticed that the legit style on the CSS bhop server has become significantly easier than it was before the timer update around April 23rd. Previously on this server the legit style mirrored the feel of legit bhopping on official legit servers such as Trubhopping Legit: ( However, with the implementation of the new timer it seems to have made missing jumps almost impossible, (much like if you were playing normal style but using the scroll wheel instead of holding space). I know that KawaiiClan has this same "issue" with their server when it comes to the legit style (so I wouldn't use it for comparison). The main issue with this is that it will completely obliterate all the legit records that were on the server previously (its that much easier). If any one is familiar with the old GiClan server's legit style (or any other legit server) and can confirm this, that would be great. Thanks, Tuk
  6. Yo guys. I know some people in the community, but very few. Some of you may know me from the bhop server, as that is all that I play, which is why I decided to make an intro. As I said, I only really play the bhop server, and here's why. I've been bhopping since 2011, when I was 11 y/o. I've totaled up somewhere in the ~5000hr range in bhop alone. I'm very experienced, if you guys couldn't tell, some people may think I hack, but that is their opinion and I take it as a complement :D. Now, off of the bhop stuff. I've been gaming since I could remember. Firstly on the Nintendo 64 when I was like 5, then I got my first PS2 when I was like 7. But, when I got my PS3, that is when I started to kick things into gear with gaming. I was a call of duty kid (don't kill me), and that was mainly all I played other than GTA:SA on the PS2. I played PS3 up until about 2011, when I moved to a different state and didn't know anyone, so I was basically playing games all day every day. I decided I wanted to get a PC, and I did. My first game was CS:S, and I played only Jailbreak until I found out about bhop. When I found out about bhop, I was in love. I never stopped playing it. Kept practicing to get to where I am today, and considered one of the best non-"professional" bhoppers (because I don't run maps seriously, I do it for fun.) I've also played on GiClan for about 3 years, starting with their CS:S bhop server. I was, and still may be, in the top 7 on the leaderboards in the CS:S server. I play mainly CS:GO now, and play Gi's CS:GO bhop server, along with some others. I also played the CS:S Minigames server for a short while. People hated me in 35hp maps because of how good I am at bhopping. If you'd like to get more personal, you may add me on steam http://steamcommunity.com/id/DraamaJr Thanks for reading! (P.S. I don't mean to seem cocky when I talk about how "good" I am at bhopping. If you'd like to see me do a map, let me know :D.)

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