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Found 9 results

  1. From the last bug report i’ve done, there has been a lot of fixes that I have noticed, but yet there is still one problem with Cobblestone, specifically with one of the spawn points on A site, in which a player would be stuck in the wall. There have also been complaints about the server having issues, having the var stay at a steady 7ms. I’m not here to rush, i’m only here to report. Thanks in advance. -Brendy
  2. Retakes Bug

    To: Any Staff members able to fix mapping issues Throughout my experience, I've witnessed a couple times where a player is stuck in a wall in the maps Nuke and Cobblestone (especially after the new update). For Nuke, players get stuck in the middle of site where the 2 giant pillars are, and for Cobblestone, players get stuck inside the wall, which basically gives them a one way wall that they cannot see through. Cobblestone is easily noticeable, but Nuke may need some demonstration. It would benefit the community very well. -Brendy
  3. Hello, I have been KZing for about 2 years now and I stumble on your server a couple weeks ago. I noticed that every time I join the server my settings haven't saved. I am very picky when it comes to specific options/settings done with the command "!options" in chat. I find it annoying having to re-do my settings. This is the first time I've encountered a bug of this sort. It would be greatly appreciated if this bug could be fixed. Thanks and have a great day!
  4. Idk why this happens but it happens to quite a lot of people and some don't know how to get around it just by typin "retry" in console. I've even seen some people who are newer just straight up get frustrated and leave not to return, it would be nice to see what the issue is to cause this along with how to fix it. So we don't always have to type "retry" every time Thanks
  5. Map: mg_devil_course_csgo3 Problem: Auto team balance is enabled and CT's spawn in an empty black area on the map.
  6. Map: mg_just_multigames_v3 Problem: mg_just_multigames_v3 is a very buggy map, players can shoot each other before the map starts, they spawn on top of each other and are able to kill each other, and overall it's just a really bad map to play at the moment. pls fix.
  7. There's been a recent problem that's come up on the server, when a course map is selected, and the AFK killer is activated, the spawn protection protects the player long enough to escape the infected area and continue playing the map, and for some reason there are infinite respawns. For a more detailed explanation please message me @ https://steamcommunity.com/id/bax80/ or contact me on the forums.
  8. For the past few months there's been a problem on the server where after a round there's a change a player will get kicked for "Weapon Spam". From what I can tell this is a server-wide bug and occurs on a variety of maps. It usually only last on the current map and stops after a while, it also doesn't always happen on the same map for the same players, it's random.
  9. There seems to be a problem on the two maps mg_pirates_b1 & mg_piratewars_2010csgo often when people try to equip the cannons they seem to find they can't leave them (this is not really a bug but is just more of lack of knowledge of how to use the cannon), also when people bhop over the cannon it sometimes flings their player into the water, (which is as hilarious as it is broken). Another thing is that the people rush the bridges and bhop allows them to get to the other side very quickly rendering the cannons almost useless since they'll just get knifed while using them anyway. I honestly don't see why the maps are still on the server, they're not usually played very often and from what I can see is when they are they're usually rtv'd.

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