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Found 4 results

  1. so i created a bhop map and i was wondering if there was a way to get it into your cs:s bhop server rotation. i might be an idiot and didnt see the tab. thanks in advance!
  2. I think combat surf player they are only play 10x_reloaded and sky_nova but we need more good maps pls
  3. ----------------------------------------------------- ------------- sky_dust ------------- ----------------------------------------------------- OK sky_dust is a very divided among opinion, you either like it or dont like it this post is addressing some issues and questions that i would like to be answered by some admins and players, SOME OF THESE ARE MY OWN OPINION Camping oh baby, time to dive deep into the technicalities of camping first of all, there is the spot on top of spawn Teleporter this spot is VERY heavily "camped" here are some questions that i have for this spot can staying at this spot be considered camping? is staying up here delaying? how long can one stay on top here without being called out ? is it allowed to tele camp here? ok so this spot it very tricky because many people have different opinions personally i think that chasing a person in and out of the tele is delaying and that staying up here for and "extent" is camping the problem is, what is that extent? many say that staying up here and not going down is camping, but i think that staying here for the whole game is camping because sky_dust is a very small map and there is not that much space for a gunfight. Secret this is not usually camped but used to delay, i dont think there is a issue with this but its annoying when people stay here and delay Ramp this spot is annoying when somebody camps here because when youre in the tower you just get sniped out of nowhere Bottom i dont know why people like to stay down here but many say that they "camp" at the bottom b hopping around, personally i dont think this is camping but it is annoying when there are thousands of bhoping people holding left click on their negevs *** WATER **** i'm sure im not the only one who thinks this but the water at the bottom is horrible it is totally random, sometimes you die sometimes you dont. but it is VERY ANNOYING when you do die. plz fix chev Delaying very common scenario, 2 people left, on in teleporter, one next to it, as the one at the teleporter goes down, the one next to it goes in, very tedious, ends up with both players arguing about who is delaying. Spawn Camping for me its not much of a problem, spawn camping is when someone kills the people going down the ramp, i think this is just a part of sky_dust and people need to git gud Thanks for reading this and i hope you answer some of my questions have a Merry Christmas!
  4. Hey I've made a map for the server called dr_hop_dull. I've made a map before that's currently on the server called dr_somethingbhop but it has some bugs. I've gotten better at mapping and have fixed some things for this map. Anyways, here's some pics: https://gyazo.com/014186b9fe0f27634adeef874771b194 https://gyazo.com/a90ab121ee20431e4914d75caea4cd00 https://gyazo.com/33a4607020895b3483b48b4a5aa534f2 Keep in mind I haven't tested the map on 102tick so some jumps might need tweaking. Download bsp: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ll0xqrz543c7bjh/dr_hop_dull_v1.bsp?dl=0 EDIT: Fixed two jumps that were difficult on 102 tick. EDIT2: Fixed laser trap EDIT3: Added anti AFK, Fixed players being able to kill terrorists through wall, Fixed bug which allowed players to pixel walk.

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