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Found 6 results

  1. General Map Updates Maps should be much shorter in length 40 minutes is absurd for the majority of maps, not many people enjoy playing a kill map or the same course map for more than 20 minutes. I’d recommend changing the map length to anywhere between 20-30 minutes, although 30 minutes is approaching an extremely drawn-out experience. Along with map times being shorter there should also be a longer cooldown on recently played maps, since it’s very easy at the moment for 4-5 maps to be in rotation constantly. The servers sv_ladder_scale_speed needs increased as ladder strafes on a lot of maps are either extremely hard to do or entirely impossible (1 is a good option for minigames). Map Change Requests All the following maps have been tested by yours truly and arranged into 4 categories. I’ve spent a good amount of time and thought on which maps deserve which category and why, most of my reasoning is listed in the parentheses next to the map names. [+] Maps that need added These are some generally newer more interesting looking maps that have been play tested and, in my opinion, would look great on the server. mg_antique_course [Download] mg_atomic_lab_final_v1 [Download] cs_crackhouse_go (name would most likely need changed) [Download] mg_cygnus_course_v2 [Download] mg_escape_castle [Download] mg_jedi_wars_beta1 [Download] mg_misty_island_multigames [Download] mg_modernworld_multigames_v1 [Download] [!] Maps that need replaced The following maps fall into this category because they either have few broken levels, are completely broken, or crash the clients/server and need replaced with updated/fixed versions. mg_azure (map is known to crash clients) [Fixed Version] mg_swag_multigames_v7 (needs replaced with a fixed version and knifing disabled) [Fixed Version] mg_warmcup_headshot_csgo3_1 (needs replaced with better fixed version) [Fixed Version] [?] Maps that need changes The following maps fall into this category because they either need minor to moderate changes that could be implemented with ease and/or need server settings adjusted. mg_35hp_dusty_csgo (needs bhop disabled? I’l leave this up to vote since it’s big enough to not cause too many problems with autohop) mg_30_progress_b (map has been known to have problems with capping players allowed to join terrorist and forcing players into spec) mg_color_multigames_rc (needs knifing disabled) ✔ - mg_escape_castle_v3_fix (needs joining t-side disabled) ✔ - mg_gavle_course_beta_v3 (needs joining t-side disabled) ✔ - mg_gumobstacle_csgo_v2 (needs joining t-side disabled) - mg_house_course_v3 (randomly respawns terrorists outside of the map causing them to fall to their death) - mg_jacs_multigame_r (needs shifting platforms disabled since it’s very broken / or remove map altogether) ✔ - mg_knife_multi_csgo (needs bhop disabled) mg_knife_stalkyard (needs bhop disabled) - mg_krane_multigames_v_0_7 (has broken game modes and needs replaced with updated map) mg_sky_realm_v2 (needs spawn kill added) [-] Maps that need removed The following maps fall into this category because they are either poorly designed, deemed unfun, and/or completely broken with no fixed versions. - mg_awp_multigames_csgo mg_awp_submarine_v4csgo mg_balistic_course_v2_fix (terrorists randomly get teleported under the map) mg_barfight_froxt_remake (poorly designed map heavily ct sided) mg_battle_slider mg_bhop_battle_az_csgo (an inferior alternative to the other bhop battle map on the server) mg_bogan_p1 (map with loud ambient rain in the background, impossible to turn off as of now, plays as any other decent kill map) mg_bombardment_v1 mg_bunkerspace_course1 mg_colors_course4_beta_v1 mg_colors_course_v1 - mg_dans_course_remaster (heavily lags the server when players interact with props at the beginning of the map) - mg_desert_tower_1_practice (huge hostage map, confusing layout, usually kills the server quickly) mg_eliptic_final mg_football_csgo_v2 mg_fy_knifecanyon_v1 - mg_hellz_multigame_fix (has multiple missing texture/model bugs and gives players pistols when they shouldn’t have them) - mg_hoejhus_by_Argento (unbalanced bombsite mechanics and inferior to the hoejhus_2016 alternative) mg_huntervsbird_snow (has a glitch where !flashlight allows players to see through the ground and see players underground) mg_ipods_all_in_one_v2fix (map buttons don’t work, it’s not too fun either) mg_kirbys_brawl_v2_1 mg_lego_course_3_csgo_v2 mg_legodeplay_course_V1 mg_It_galaxy_csgo_v1 (after playing skoutzknivez the map doesn’t reset low grav) mg_mario_bros_2018 mg_mayan_course_v098 mg_mirai_nikki (really bad course map) - mg_neon_climb_2 (already has an updated alternate version on the server) - mg_pauls_smash_reborn (causes server to crash on startup) mg_pauls_teambattle_v3_p mg_pavlos_building_v1_0 (causes server to crash on startup) mg_randomizer_reborn_v2 (map is utter dog shit, and rarely makes a good weapon/map combo) - mg_reaprs_troll_course (crashes server and is basically a worse version of reaprs_draw_course) mg_savethebacon_course_final (a slightly worse version than the other savethebacon_course_v6) - mg_ski_mountain_dev_csgo2 (bad version of ski_mountain) mg_ski_mountain_resortv3 (bad version of ski_mountain) mg_ski_mountain_resort_csgo (bad version of ski_mountain) mg_sodian_lab_tp_csgo mg_super_tower_ane_v1 (shittier version of supertower with bad boosters and bad bombsite layout) mg_supernova_fix (has a broken ladder at the beginning that is impossible to climb) - mg_swamplandv5 (basically just a worse version of awp_submarine) mg_war_zone_upd (bad dm map with poorly designed maps) mg_weapon_case_arenas_v1_2 (map is utter dog shit, and rarely makes a good weapon/map combo) - mg_Wreknez_multigames_v3_fix (gives players pistols at start so they can fight in the waiting room, & not a good map to begin with)
  2. I'm going to be suggesting some maps for the the GiClan minigames server. Map #1 Mg_minecraft_aphixed This is a good course map that is fun and not that hard. It has a very simple layout and is unique. http://gamebanana.com/maps/178440 Map #2 mg_kanker_course This is another simple but slightly more challenging map . Not many servers have this map as it is made by someone i know. http://gamebanana.com/maps/195388 Thanks for the consideration
  3. I think there are some maps that can be a great addition to GiClan Multigames. Map Suggestions 35hp_3_dusty : http://gamebanana.com/maps/137981 GiClan multigames has had this map before, but many people loved to play this map, which is why is it was played alot everyday. I've heard people mention that they'd like the map to come back. mg_super_tower_v4 : I am unable to find the link but it exists. Super tower is an enjoyable map to many players of the community, I know there are revamps but many people prefer the classic version. I have heard multiple people complaining that they die from fall damage but they like the map characteristics other than that. Version four includes zero fall damage. Please respond your opinions Have a wonderful day!
  4. Map: surf_greatriver_remix_csgo_r2_fix Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/165306 (There's already a different version of this map on the server, but I feel like this one is much better for gameplay.) Map: surf_megamachine_go_2 Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/177959 (A fun alternative to surf_machine and much more simplistic design, it's a very fun map.) Map: surf_monstergreen_pb Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/179395 (Haven't played it for that long, but from what I can tell it's a pretty solid map, it's fun and has a creative style.) Map Removal Suggestions There is a current problem with almost all if not all of the skyworld maps, the bottom of the maps don't teleport players back to their spawns or even kill them. (Due to the lack of fall damage,) it's become a common problem where the map get's picked by the community and then instantly rtv'd, and I just don't see a reason to have it anymore. I also feel like some of the surf_ski maps should be removed (not surf_ski_sobs or surf_ski_nova those are fine and played often by the community), I'm talking about the maps that aren't played as often or not at all.
  5. Map Suggestions Map: mg_tv_tower_b2 (deathmatch) Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/168469 (very similar to mg_super_tower_v3 except the colors are different, it has a perimeter of water around the map that deals damage, and two fully working helicopters on the map.) Map: mg_azure (course) Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/187243 (this seems like a fun map and a different style compared to the course maps played on the server) Map Removal Map: mg_wipeout_course_easy_2 Reason for Removal: I see the community complaining about the map a lot when it's played (which is not very often), and it's not that fun of a map. Map: mg_ski_mountain_resortv3 Reason for Removal: There's already three ski_mountain versions on the server and I think I've found a better replacement for the map. Replacement: http://gamebanana.com/maps/189285 (It's very nice map and a look of ski_mountain we've never seen before.)
  6. Map: mg_minecraft_mutligames_v4 Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/188830 Map: mg_sonic_course Link: http://gamebanana.com/maps/186474
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