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Found 2 results

  1. i feel the server should have real no spread not the one that is like 80% like the one where you can use the scope of the awp cause ive heard many people who find it annoying
  2. Okay here are some points I'd like to bring up * Even on maps where it was overpowered, it can still BE countered considering its (Im pretty sure it was) 90% * Its fun as hell to use, especially on the very open map on Awp Multigames * I have seen more people say "its fun" or "bring it back" and in fact, people have said at 90% it needed to be upped. I hope people have a discussion instead of just like yelling at each other. (no idea if this is in the right section, if it's not A) move it or B) tell me where to move it to.)
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